How Bout Some Tom Herman

I love seeing the longhorns get so much return on their investment.

If only money was the cure to all their ills.

Didn’t Orlando end up at USC ?

Believe so… would be fun to watch meltdown if Orlando makes USC look good and UT’s new guy flops. 100% guaranteed if they opened vs powerhouse Maryland.


Soooo much fun watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have their way with Bevo…
Is the new Terp QB Donatello ?

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The Bonghorns are like the Yankees in baseball. Their arrogance is so deep they true believe they can just money-whip anyone and it’ll bring Championships. NO ONE does less with more. Here’s to another spectacular 7-5 season !


To be fair the Yankees money whipping has worked a bunch of times. So UT doesn’t even get to have that arrogance to them. Because unlike the Yankees they haven’t money whipped any of their problems away.


The Yankees are smart. UT underperforms in everything not just sports. They even have one of their
streets named after a horrible racist.

But in the yankees case it often works.

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They named a street after DeLoss Dodds ! :sunglasses:


On all “Hot Seat” lists for 2020 the name Tom Herman always appears

I don’t fellas…The Yanks are always been at or near the top in salary since advent of Free Agency and besides the 96-'00 Dynasty they’ve won one in '09 since 1979

“Top 31” college football programs ranked by “player development”

argue with their methodology all you want, but I think UT-Austin is accurately ranked


Wanted Orlando and all of them to fail at texas. Still do… the ones still at texas. But when they leave I wish them success. Except for you know who. He can rot wherever he sits. I blame my attitude on the virus. Maybe it’s the news of the virus. Whatever.


I don’t know about that claim, I think the Aggies are either worse than them in that way or a close second.

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Unbelievable how much money they throw around at uta.

Typo…how much money they “throw away”…

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He honestly could have been able to go 29-0 at UH and blew his chance to be considered one of the all time greatest coaches for really not that much more money at UT. If he plays his cards wrong, he could be out of the game in just a few more years.


That would be sweet!


Firing all the assistants at once signals a lot of negatives about the one doing the firing. It’s desperate. He used bad judgement hiring them in the first place. It’s someone else’s fault. Herman had it made here as did others before him who also left. He is not the second coming of Nick Saban but in way over his head. I’m glad he is doing so poorly.


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