How can AAC become more than a proving ground

(Cristian) #1

“If we can get a much better TV deal, our teams will have more money to spend on coaches,” Aresco said. “If we can become a P6 conference in the public mind and eventually part of the autonomy group, that will immediately help our recruiting and help our situation.”

(Patrick) #2

It worries me when Aresco says “if we can”

(itcoog) #3

Lets just see where this all ends up. He has toned it down from we are to if we can… That leads me to believe that maybe the deal is done already or close to it.

(Patrick) #4

Hopefully…this is the moment that Aresco was hired for.

(P5_OR_BUST) #5

I can see ESPN potentially raising the value of the deal to maybe as high as $10 million for each team, but that’s still way below P5 level. The Big 12 will be getting close to $40 million this year.

Unless there is some kind of bidding war for AAC rights, I don’t expect a deal that is anywhere near P5 deals. $10 million at most.

(Charles) #6

I loved Sonny Dykes’ quote. He should have said, “Look, I’m just here to prove that I can coach so as soon as they dump that loser at TT they’ll come for me.” And as far as Chad Morris is concerned, I predict he’ll be not such a big deal at Arkansas as people think he will. His biggest contribution will be recruiting Texas, but the days of UA swooping into Dallas and competing with UT and OU are now days gone by.

(Marcus) #7

It better be damn close. He blew a golden opportunity by not backing UCF’s National Championship campaign. If he’s being told to shut up and sit in the corner without a deal coming, he needs to be replaced quickly.


Put Tilman in there.

(Patrick) #9

It probably won’t be more than $10M, but $10M also puts a lot of distance between us and the other non-autonomy conferences and is more than double what we make now.

(Cristian) #10

;How can we even get respect as a “power 6” when we are only getting 10M and everyone else is getting the 30’s. Should atleast put us close to 20M and closer to ACC

(P5_OR_BUST) #11

Unless there is some kind of bidding war for AAC rights, basically AAC has no choice but to accept what ESPN offers. I expect an increase, but nothing that will make the AAC a P6!

(Patrick) #12

This has always been my argument for a network that really wants live sports and wants to develop a property over time. Invest the money in a smaller conference with potential like the AAC and really work to drive up interest and partner with them to help market them. Unfortunately, the media world is a very “what have you done for me lately” industry and no one really has the patience to do something along these lines.

I thought NBC might do it the last time for the AAC, but they ended up low-balling us and ESPN was able to just match. Maybe this time around will be better, or maybe ESPN will come to the table to keep us as they are losing some of their other college properties and are launching their streaming service soon (which will need content).

(Butch) #13

Like it or not the solution for us is to get picked up by a P5 conference. In the meantime we simply need to concentrate on doing well in all of our sports and hoping the AAC can get at least a little more money. IMO talking about P6 is ridiculous and even if it happened it would not mean a dang thing…

(P5_OR_BUST) #14

How long can We hold out before before the revenue differential just makes things unsustainable? Just 5 years means at least $150 million in lost revenue.

(Butch) #15

I agree, but what choice do we have?

(Patrick) #16

I don’t think anything is unsustainable. P5 schools can only give out 25 scholarships per year and there’s many more kids that want to play football. Just not enough spots for kids that dont just want to be on a team, but actually get meaningful time on the field. If it was unsustainable, it would be unsustainable already.


We have already lost 500 million+ since 1996.

If we were going to fold, it would have happened already.


He would declare that the AAC is no stepping stone and we are deserving of P5 dollars; thus rejecting the current deal. In the end, The AAC would fold back into CUSA.

No thanks.

(Ben B) #19

Nope. Once we wouldn’t settle we would get more. Our ratings are good and the networks want it.


The big east had better ratings and wouldn’t settle and we see where that led.