How cool is it RE: Keenum

(PortlandCoog) #1

How cool is it Keenum could actually make it to the Super Bowl. Like has a decent shot to get there? Could win it all.

Then the whole world can see what we already know.

(itcoog) #4

It’s true. That would be a huge win for Case. Just wow and yes we knew it.


The Super Bowl is being played in Minneapolis. If Vikings win the NFC, they’ll be playing in front of a home crowd. Now that’s special.


This Christmas, I reminded my Aggie brother about the Christmas we spent arguing who would make a better NFL QB. Case or Manziel. Heheh.

(Butch) #10

Mark my words, if the Vikings lose against NO next week Case will automatically become the reason for the loss in the press. I know there is a lot of pressure now on Keenum, but my bet is that he can handle it all one way or the other…Go Vikings…


The shills are waiting for him to fail, but Case just keeps rolling along.

(Mike Higdon) #13

If the Vikings lose to NO, it will be because of Drew Brees, not Case Keenum. But, I think Case will lead the Vikings to their first ever Super Bowl win.

(Butch) #14

That’s not the point Red…the press has been generally been unfair to Case during his pro career and it will give the naysayers a chance to say I told you so…Brees is a great player and it is hard to go against him, but I have to that one game…

(jb) #15

So I had it all wrong and thought Minnesota played Atlanta this weekend. If Case and the Vikings can get past New Orleans they’ll have a heck of a shot against the winner of Philly and ATL. I’ll be rooting for the Eagles to pull off the upset over the Falcons just in case though.


I have that same feeling! Feel like a paved road to the Superbowl for Case and the Vikings!


This doesn’t need to be said but the Saints will be tough. A game like this the home field advantage the Vikes have is huge.

(Patrick) #18

Wouldn’t be an upset if the Eagles Win, they’re at home.

(sarkcoog) #19

Prefer to see the Falcons win. If the Eagles win, Vikings play in Philadelphia. If Falcons win, I believe the game will be in Minnesota. I may be wrong but I think it would work that way.

(Mike Higdon) #20

You are correct. If Philly loses, the Vikings will be home against the Falcons. Regardless, I will be watching in my Vikings Keenum jersey.