How do I get KPRC local radio online?

(Jimmy Morris) #1

My radio is not very clear and kind of quiet. I don’t feel like sitting in the car to listen to the pregame. Is there a way to access the local radio online? I’ve tried several links and all I can access is their national broadcast feed.

(Patrick) #2

If you’ve got a subscription you can use

(Jimmy Morris) #3

I stopped using CSTV several years ago because it wasn’t working all the time. Has it improved?

(Patrick) #4

It seems solid today. I’ve been using it the last couple of years.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

After hearing “Houston IMG Sports Network” on the radio, I decided to google that instead of KPRC. Finally found the right broadcast.

(J V ) #6

Can you hear it via the game day ap? I did in past seasons, I have not had to try this season but the game day ap was awesome.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Game day app just gives me an error when i click to listen. Even tried reinstalling it.

(Patrick) #8

They won’t play the football games through the app anymore.

(J V ) #9

I just tried the game day ap, it is playing some out of town station. The app seems to be a mess.

(David) #10

You need to use tunein app

(Bill F.) #11

Did you try iHeartRadio? I haven’t used them in a while, but they always worked well and had every local station.

(Jimmy Morris) #12

I got it working once I searched for Houston IMG Sports Network. KPRC only makes the national broadcasts available on IHeart.

(Eric Prado) #13

Im using TuneInRadio app. Got 950 loud and clear


I tried I Heart to hear KPRC and they had some talk show on. The game day app says it has to be upgraded but there is no download to upgrade and nothing on the web site or the App Store. So I listened on my static laden am portable radio. A Blue Max radio from GE that was made over 50 years ago. It worked, but not very well.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

Did you even try googling “Houston IMG Sports Network” at all?

(Patrick) #16


What I would like is to listen to the radio call while watching the tv so I don’t have to hear espn.

(Patrick) #18

That’s the tough part. I can never get them to sync up.

(J V ) #19

If you have DVR capability or pause live TV try pausing for 7 seconds.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

I like the TV being slightly behind the radio so I know what to look for when the play happens.