How do you feel about having a 11 AM kick off for Homecoming?

(Jim Murphy) #1

I know TV dictates the kick off times but have we no say in this? Half full stadium and the weather felt like it was September 4 not November 4th. Is being on TV really worth it? I got sunburned watching the game. Went to a friends house and turned on the Michigan game. Storm delays and sleet. The cold weather schools should get the day games and hot weather schools should get the night games.

(PMM) #2

NCAA is interested in the players’ health (?)…the fans…not so much !!

I did not think it was that bad…NOW…the Tech game…was almost unbearable.

It looked like those that came to the game retreated to the shady areas after/during halftime.

Not sure if the time or the Memphis collapse caused the low turnout…probably a little of both.

(Jerrycoog) #3

It might have been some Astros hangover too that caused the small crowds. There were a ton of empty seats at NRG yesterday too.

(PMM) #4

There are a lot of empty seats at most NFL stadiums !!

(Patrick) #5

Hated it. Was one of the ones who retreated to the concourse a little before halftime with my two young ones as it was getting toasty sitting in the sun. Tech game was worse, but that isn’t saying much.

Sadly, TV seems to be the only thing that matters, even if it’s an 11 AM time slot on CBSSports.


I strongly dislike 11 am starts at home and believe that each school should be limited to one at home and one on the road. The problem is we are a “Brand Name” as casual fans around the country recognize UH and Houston and will watch so ESPN and CBS Sports want us on tv but want to feature their big dollars paid on prime time.

(J V ) #7

I hate 11 am starts.

It was not as hot as TT but it was steamy. It was a combination of things. Harvey has affected this season as well.

One of my buddies who is a season ticket holder has only come to one game because he is dealing with getting his house back in order after it flooded.

CMA does not sell the program as Herman did, there is no buzz in the city about this program anymore.

Then throw in the Astros hangover and you have significant factors which manifested itself on Saturday.

(Gary Taylor) #8

Bad idea-it was terribly hot - couldn’t get wife to go and the season ticket holders around me didn’t show up. TV money has to be awfully good to schedule games at 11 in Houston. Destroys the atmosphere…


It’s the conferences’ TV contracts that allow the networks to dictate college football kickoff time slots. Therefore, yes, there is money involved. But, (other that UT, which is “special”) all teams in each conference get paid the same for appearing on TV. And, every team in the conference gets to be on TV a certain, minimal number of times. So, why do the conferences contractually agree to allow networks to decide who plays when?

The answer seems to be that not too long ago it used to be an extra benefit to schools to have their games televised at all. More TV appearances meant better exposure, which translated into a recruiting advantage, a favor to the schools’ fans (especially for road games), and, in some cases, extra compensation. But, no more. At least at UH. Every game, home and away, that the Cougars play has been televised at least for the past few seasons. Perhaps all AAC teams don’t get treated as well TV-wise. I don’t know.

In any case, any new conference TV contract ought to limit the number of times that any school can be required to play at 11 o’clock or on week nights.


11 AM sucks. It is my assumption that this is just more weak leadership that allows TV to ruin our homecoming?


I would not blame the UH administration but rather the contract that The American signed with our “television partners”

(shharper01) #12

Is 11 a.m. better than 2:30 to 4:00 starts (like we had pre-ESPN)?

(Jay C.) #13

No. 11 A.M. kickoffs are hot the whole game, and much harder to get people to show up. 2:30-4:00 kickoffs are hot for the first half maybe, but its later in the day, you can have an actual tailgate, campus atmosphere builds up, just a better gameday environment in general.

(J V ) #14

I believe the sweet spot by UH fans is 6pm starts.


Hump 11am!!!

(Brad) #16

This season was miserable. All games over 85 degrees, mostly 11 a.m. the only night game was on a Thursday when everyone couldn’t really tailgate and had to work friday. This was the worst football season I’ve ever had at UH. Frying in the sun is not my idea of a good time.


Wanted to watch all 4 quarters but the wife wanted to leave. All of the real nice seats on the home side seem to be empty a lot, still the coogs performance seemed to take away whatever discomforts the day provided.


I was there in my seats in 307 for all 4 quarters and I have the sunburned face to prove it.


All 7 of us were in our seats in 229 the whole game also. The concourse was full as if we had 40,000+ when in fact we only had 20,000+ inside.


We should be able to pick our kick off time for Home Coming. There are fans flying in from all over the country for that game. (at least there used to be…)

I doubt anyone in the administration put their foot down.