How Eagles Are Using Greg Ward to Prepare for 'crazy Athlete' Cam Newton

(Patrick) #1

That leaves Ward to simulate what not one, but two dynamic players bring to the table for a Panthers offense that’s found a rhythm. He won’t suit up Thursday, though. All Ward is able to do now is go flat out in practice and hope that it’s making his teammates better.

“Whenever the ball touches my hands, I try to score,” Ward said. "You’re trying to make guys miss if you’re in the backfield running the ball or you’re catching it running routes. You’re just trying to score.

“That’s what the other guys are doing on other teams. They’re trying to score every time they get the ball, so that’s the best thing is just going full speed and going hard.”

(jimmyschofield) #2

Three years ago today Ward made his first career start, and led us to a win at Memphis. Crazy how far he’s come. Great kid. #GoCoogs


I predict Ward will eventually see the field.

(Chris) #4

Great post Patrick. I have seen McCaffrey play for years while he was at Stanford. He is an amazing player. His dad was a very good receiver with the Broncos so he had a great teacher. He has added a whole new dimension to the Panthers offense and will help Newton a great deal.
With Sproles getting injured I sure hope they give Greg a chance in the slot or at kick returns. Men we miss Greg.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #5

Ward is an NFL quarterback. Even if it is just in practice, he is being paid to QB.

(CoogNation_14) #6

I hope he makes the team soon. I was reading a few articles about life as a practice squad player, and that is the hard knock life for sure.


I wonder when another team will sign Greg off the Eagles practice squad.

(Patrick) #8