How far can the Cougars go in the NCAA Tournament?

(Patrick) #1

The beauty of this years’ roster is there is no one player that dominates the locker room or the box score. They play like a team on both ends of the floor, sharing the ball, making the extra pass, switching, rotating and cleaning the glass. They are athletic and versatile as they get in your face on defense, playing the passing lanes aggressively, while on offense they push the tempo and knock down the three ball. Sampson and his staff make sure the team stays grounded and never gets too high or too low and only worries about the next game on the schedule and not what they are ranked or how far they can go in the tournament. The truth is, the way this team plays and how hard they compete has a lot of folks thinking they can play with anyone in the country.


I think this team is good enough that they COULD win the national championship. They probably won’t, but they could!


I agree. Any team that plays defense and rebounds like the Coogs can beat anybody.


Its a one and done tournament so anything can happen. It would not surprise me at all if they make the final four.


These guys are good enough to beat anyone, when they are on (like the second half against Cinci). They will encounter a different level of play in the dance. Early on, there will be lower ranked teams that will be hot and give us a test. Later we could face the blue bloods that have many future stars and depth. I would bet on the Coogs making the sweet 16. After that, with the Coogs propensity to play tough games to the very end, it could go either way. If they can get to two minutes, with 10-15 point lead, I’ll feel safe.


Elite 8 minimum. National Champions maximum.

(J V ) #7

But have the Coogs played tough tight games? That is what they will likely run into if they go to the second weekend. In both tough tight games they lost.

(Patrick) #8

Coogs are 3-2 in games that are decided by 5 points or less

(J V ) #9

Pray, dont bring facts to an emotional arguement. Lol…good stat thanks.

(Patrick) #10

It’s all good. I will say that the last 2 games the Coogs have played that were that tight, they did lose. The others were UT-RGV, Oregon, and St Louis.