How good is Stevenson?


Guy seems like a real special talent… not too much mention of him on a national level yet. Seems like he’s about as explosive as anyone I’ve seen for their 1st 3 career games. Thoughts? I’m a Louisiana guy, so a homer for LA recruits, I confess

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He honestly should be getting more national attention, and it’s a shame he hasn’t. King and Oliver are sort of overshadowing his success (along with the loss this past week).

He’s probably the most explosive receiver we’ve had since Patrick Edwards and very much in the same vein as Brandon Middleton, Vincent Marshall, and Donnie Avery.


I loved his first score when he ran through the middle of 3 tech defenders who thought they had the angle on him. He is very, very fast.


If Marquez can put a stop to the drops, he’s going to be exceptionally special. We haven’t seen speed at WR like this since Patrick Edwards and Tyron Carrier. I was ecstatic to see him redeem himself on the deep route this past week after dropping such an easy one against Arizona. It’s so nice to once again have a guy we can rely on to consistently beat defenders deep. He’s averaging 20.3 yards per reception right now. In 2011, with Case Keenum slinging the ball around, Patrick Edwards averaged 19.7 in route to 1752 yards receiving. Assuming we play 13 games this year (no conference championship, but a bowl appearance), Marquez is on pace for 1404 yards receiving. Oh yeah, and Marquez is currently our 3rd leading rusher in terms of yards (119) on just 4 carries. I wouldn’t be shocked if he sniffs 2000 yards receiving + rushing this year.

Might I add, thankfully we have Briles calling the shots this year instead of Brian Johnson. This very well could have been a wasted year for Marquez.

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I know this thread is about Stevenson, but I’m still in awe of how accurate King is with the deep ball. He may be as accurate on deep routes as Case was. Unreal!

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I will echo the sentiments that if he can find the handle every time he will be special.
I love the speed he employs to get separation. This is something we have missed since the SUmlin days.
Speed kills and he is fast.

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Stevenson is good. Even with the drops, He made some Bonner like catches in the Tech game (catches that I though for sure weren’t catchable). Should he be returning kicks/punts?

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Marquez’s current pace, should we play 13 games would be 1404 receiving yards and 17 receiving TDs, which would be good for 5th and 3rd all time in UH history. As a sophomore. At a school with pretty amazing history on offense. The sky is the limit for this kid in this offense.

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From what Ive seen he looks like a potential 2-3rd round nfl prospect!

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