How much do AAC coaches make? Here’s your answer

Who is getting the most bang for their buck?

UCF, Tulane or SMU…

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Memphis, SMU, and Tulane; in no particular order. Well, I would say SMU is maybe getting the most for their money if those numbers are accurate.


Just what do they mean by salary pool? Is that the total amount for the rest of the staff?

I believe so…

I do not get your thread. You are not happy with CDH, how much he makes and what you get you for it. I/We get it. There are already tons of thread against CDH why add another one? You created another one already.
You have a blank check to buy out his contract?
Well do you?
What if you come up with the money. Do you think CDH is going to say?
Thank you Cary. I will cash your check and be on my way. Thank you for doing business with you.
We are just finishing going through the china virus. Year three demands a major improvement. I expect it to come. You are right that CDH will be in trouble if our team does not perform. Give him this year and let’s see what comes from it.
Can’t we get some positive vibe please. What good do you get from this?
You graduated from U of H so you are a smart guy. Let’s focus our energy into getting fans into the stands. Our players need positive vibes, positive energy all around our program.


It is his primary agenda and it is never ending.

Cary I will ask you a personal question that everyone on this site should ask themselves.
What are you doing to get fans in the stands?
Are you “selling” our program?
You do realize that CDH won’t be alive for ever. At some point we will have another Head Coach.
What matters above all is to get our stadium full.
What matters is to get our fans/alum to buy in to coming back every year.
What matters is to get our fans to rep U of H.
What matters is to get other Houstonians engaged with our program.
What matters is you CARY to fully support our program no matter what.
You are a smart guy be a smart U of H fan. Every single alum, U of H fan plays a role in our success. We are not in a P5? Act like we are in a P5.
Negativity brings negativity.
Negativity breads negativity.
I choose to look at my glass half full not half empty.
Cary you graduated from U of H so we are automatically friends. I encourage you to do the same.


Thread is pretty simple “to get”. Underdog Dynasty wrote an article. I post a lot of articles written by them and others, whether you think they are positive or negative is up to you.


Admin had to pay Top $$ to try and lift program out of the smoldering heap Applewhite left behind. They had no choice, had to make a splash hire.


I truly believe Dana will turn this thing around. It took Sampson a couple of years to get us going. In his second year he posted a good record thanks to a very easy OOC schedule; but in basketball you can have a complete roster overhaul in a year – you can’t do that in football.

I think we will have a very good season this fall, but how good is yet to be seen. I do know that whether we win 7 or 12, I will still be there rooting for my Coogs and supporting our coach. I go to watch the Coogs, it doesn’t matter if we are play Lamar or LSU, I will be there. I wish some more folks would just do the same and stop complaining about a season that hasn’t even started.


True Mike, but the pessimists &/or complainers on here just can’t seem to help themselves.

We’ll be back in Indianapolis again this weekend, and back in TDECU again this fall. Go Coogs!


I too think Dana will succeed. He just needs to cement that defense and get his running game going. If his running game works even above average his offense is lethal.


We now have an OL with the size and physical maturity to open holes to run through and protect the QB. I am very pumped for what I think this season will look like.


ah yes, Applewhite. Those 7 and 8 win seasons sure were tough. I’d hate to go back to that.

Let’s hope CDH can get 10 wins this season. With that schedule it should be easy. It’s 2022 that I worry about.


Applewhite was a slow train off a steep cliff. I don’t have confidence that applewhite would do well even with this year’s schedule.

Armed Forces Bowl 70-14 L, punted at Army 30yd line losing in the 4th…case closed

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Thank you.

Applewhite was about the worst FB coach in UH history. Applewhite’s legacy is being responsible for leading the UH FB program from the height of a 38-24 Peach Bowl victory over Florida State to the depth of a 14-70 Armed Forces Bowl loss to Army. He was an epic failure.


Applewhite didn’t know and he didn’t care.

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