How much toilet paper do you really need to wipe your . . .?

This is a helpful toilet paper calculator but hilarious when you select the Advanced Options.:laughing:

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I have a buddy. An Officer in the New York State Guard who as given me a lecture that you should be able to use a single square of toilet paper for 4 separate bathroom episodes.

It is an interesting lecture and only requires an exacting folding technique.

Sure when it comes out hard as a rock lol. So many folks on meds that cause loose bowels which in turn the use of more squares…

I can go pee 4 times and not even use a single square! :smile:

Now if I use a single square to wipe 4 times…let’s just say I’m gonna need a lot of soap and Purell. :confounded:

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I thought so too.

All it takes is practice. Take 1 square and practice folding first lengthwise and then widthwise.

Again, this is in case you get down to an actual paper :roll_of_toilet_paper: emergency.

Which we actually don’t have a nationwide shortage. We just have a delivery problem.

The larger problem is where do you keep the square between bathroom visits. A tiny zip lock bag is preferred butt (spelling intended) others just keep it in their wallet or purse.

(I have been in the house for 9 days, I got to keep up the humor)

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Reminds me of an Aggie joke I heard back in Boy Scouts. Something about using one square and a finger…the square was to wipe the finger off. :frowning_face:



Toilet paper calculator, if you need it . . .

Please people, leaves, especially the big kind. When I was in Turkey there was no toilet paper since the natives used their left hands. You could always tell an American who needed to go when the only available resource was a public toilet because we were all out in the surrounding park looking for leaves. Lots of leaves.

I see this toilet paper thing has taken a left turn.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It appears some are more worried about wipping their rears than eating. Hard to figure.

If you go by Sheryl Crow’s “Green” recommendations, one square per squat is sufficient. That would make a roll of terlit paper last weeks. Maybe stock up on some soap, though.

Lol, I always stop on that movie when I see it on. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the whole thing in one sitting.

I agree. I was told by an employee of the Kroger I shop at in The Woodlands, there is a line waiting to get in when store opens and the majority of the customers rush to the toilet paper shelves and all gone very quickly. Yikes.

Some cultures don’t use paper at all.

They use water believe it or not.

They use some sort of hose like contraption.

They shoot water up what should be labeled exit only.

No wonder we can’t have treaties (not political) with these “wet behind folks” - we are on totally different planets.

We run out of toilet paper and you better believe I’ll be turning my shower into a bidet!

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