How ‘NCAA Football’ lives on and what might happen next

(Patrick) #1

Depresses me that we never saw TDECU rendered in the game, nor did we get a chance to play with that 2015 team, or even see Ed Oliver in the game.

For the game to come back, schools need to decide they’re OK with it. That will require outstanding court cases to wrap up and the schools to be comfortable that they’re not creating liabilities for themselves.

The NCAA office doesn’t have to be involved; if the 130 FBS schools agree to license their logos, stadiums, and uniforms, EA could call the game College Football 24 or whatever (as was briefly the plan during the 2013 legal turmoil) without using the NCAA’s name. EA strikes individual licensing deals with bowl games, postseason trophies, and ESPN, while most of the colleges do their licensing deals through two or three agencies.

The schools would also have to decide what they’re willing to share with their players. Many players got three-figure payments from previous court settlements, and some commentators have proposed paying players up front in amounts comparable to the game’s retail price. It’s up to the schools; EA wanted to pay players all along. The game probably can’t happen until this gets figured out.

(09Frontiersmen) #2

I miss it, I loved this game. Vince Young was unstoppable in 2006.

(Craig C.) #3

Wouldn’t know I only played with UH

(09Frontiersmen) #4

If u did well in the game playing as UofH in dynasty mode you could get a bid to join the Big XII. In the final version of the game there was a realignment feature to move any team to any conference so I created power conferences with 14 teams each.

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(09Frontiersmen) #6


I did the same thing. I have the version with the last year of Case. I would get them ranked up into the top five and get the be 12 invite. I would never continue on though because I always loved playing as Case.

(Craig C.) #8

Yes I usually got the big 12 invite within 2 years. Man that was a fun game, I forgot how much I used to play it.

(Jay) #9

It’s happening…


No licenses in the first year, but they are in the works…

Everything seems to be customizable…so expect the real rabid kids with time on their hands to create all of the current teams and rosters shortly after release.

I’m so excited!