How to kill UH football

(itcoog) #1

Move RV lot far away Check
11am game times Check


Replace large up close RV tailgate area with a building that blocks the view for which the stadium was built thus showing there is no master plan


Whine incessantly about every little thing you can think of - check


Whine about everything!

(Patrick) #5

Get rid of GA seating and raise prices almost across the board…during an economic downturn in the city

Don’t offer family plan until close-to/in-season.

Continue to not offer tiered pricing for the 300 level or do something about concessions/restrooms on that level while scheduling more 11:00 games

Continue to do little to address lack of marketing beyond Facebook/Twitter/couple of billboards

Continue to not hire people in the AD that don’t understand the Houston market or have contacts in market

Seemingly lose site of why the “HTownTakeover” was implemented in the first place and what “putting a wall around Houston” means.


Stick your head in the sand and call people whiners while watching the program jump back in the toilet and call it a hot tub.

(Cary) #7

I agree with you here. The product on the field is what it is, but this is fan experience and cost. If this isn’t taken care of, it will have wide-spread effects.

(PMM) #8

This is a non-issue.

(Jimmy Morris) #9

Allow major donors to influence the hiring process.

(Dustin K) #10

As Chairman of the Board of Regents, I believe he was within his rights and duties. Now if he wasn’t on the board, that would be different.

(Dustin K) #11

I think the first couple of items were strategic missteps that might have panned out fine if we had not had a coaching change which made a difference on the general program interest. Hard to say though.

Concessions/bathrooms on that level, not sure what it would take but I imagine there is some expense to add that. I know the tarped off areas on the level of the suites can’t be filled in until there is an additional stairs on each side for exits due to fire regs.

The marketing issue, I will give them credit for having a street team this summer. I didn’t get to make it out to one of their events so I don’t have an evaluation but it likely did two things, serviced sponsors and got UH in the public. I hope they continue the street team.

I agree, they need more people with a connection and pulse of the market. Would be great to develop them.


Just get ur asses to the games next year and support the team, again Texas and Texas A&M fans show up regardless of September temperatures, losing teams, etc etc. this is what is wrong with our program just get butts in the damn seats regardless!

(Chris) #13

100% agree. The most frustrating part about your post is that it is not new. This has been going on for decades. What would it take for our administration to comprehend and act on this? I do not know Mr. Fertitta but these issues could be fixed easily with a “business” eye. These issues are 100% marketing oriented and should never happen. IMG is our partner. There are one of the best sports marketing organization. What is the real relationship between IMG and U of H? These asinine decisions or non-decisions are mind boggling and should be easily rectified. On one hand we have the very best with Mr. Fertitta and on the other it seems we have no clue. What gives?
The above does not mean anything today. We must all support our Team.


I don’t get the complaints about blocking the view of downtown? Who cares about not seeing the skyline? Take a picture and bring it with you to the game, problem solved. I guess if B12 invites us and we have to expand, we say…"no thanks, we don’t want to lose our view of the world famous Houston skyline. "


The complaint, from me at least, is there is no master plan. The divot was built into the stadium specifically for the view of downtown which disappeared within just a few years. I noticed this during the $300 million capital campaign of the 1990’s. Carl Lewis donated around $2 million to build a new track inside Robertson Stadium and it was completely removed a few years later. Wasted money because there is no plan. Why build a divot instead of putting seats there?


Good point about the divot. Should have told Herman “tough darts, it’s not part of the plan” on the IPF.

(Larry) #17

My 5 cents (inflation):

  • A group of influential donors, bloggers, and long-time alum need to request a meeting with Hunter and express our concerns.
    -Have a list of recommendations to present.

My concerns: We buy family plans and had to wait until August to have the option. Expand the student allotment to increase the student base. Don’t dink with the allotment until we see the anticipated sales each week. If we have to expand to 10K students I don’t have a problem. Reopen the End Zone GA if we need to expand he student sections to 10k. I’ve been in the upper GA for years and there is no issue with GA seating. Sell GA season seats.

I’m not sure how many RV places are needed but consider closing the west side of Cullen and allow that area for RV tailgating. This would allow the east side for emergency access. Or better let RV and tailgating occur in the Psychology Bldg parking lot. Should be sufficient space and gray with Cullen closed and the woods nearby.
Just my thoughts.

(Randy ) #18

Agree. We spent money to have that downtown view (reorientation of stadium and design). We also marketed it as a big deal when we opened the stadium only to block it 3 years later. Now it looks unfinished and kinda weird.

The worst part is it wasn’t necessary to put it there. That’s where Herman wanted it. Also, we all want the IPF for the football program but there are other things the athletic department needed and probably worse. We’re struggling to fund a couple of other facilities currently in progress.


What do skyline views, RV parking and GA seats have to do with winning football games? Great athletes and coaches win games and they don’t care about any of that. They care about the Stadium & IPF. That building will get us some kids we would not have gotten. I know of 1 that would be heading to B12 of not for that building.

(G.W.) #20

Our little group in 308 was disappointed about the blocked view by the IPF.
It was unusual and unique to our stadium.
It was planned to have that view. Maybe coaches and players don’t care, but lots of fans do. Put a view of downtown in, then block it.