How to watch Tulane at Memphis


Is there a way to view this game if you don’t subscribe to CBSSN? Thanks!

(Thomas Hitchcock) #2

Rooting for Tulsa and Tulane today!! #theresstillachance

(Patrick) #3

I believe it’s on some of the streaming packages like YouTubeTV.

(Jim Murphy) #4

Memphis is doing to Tulane what they did to us.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

Frankly I’d rather Memphis win strong the rest of their games to give the winner between UCF and USF another top 25 team in the championship.

(Patrick) #6

Tulsa leading SMU by 7 early in the 2nd, 21-14. Going to be a lot of points in that one.

(Patrick) #7

Hmmm…FSU is 2-5.

(Patrick) #8

(Patrick) #9

Tulsa up by 6 on SMU at the beginning of the 4th.

Should be 10, but they had a TD called back for a skip that the ref thought was high stepping.

(Patrick) #10

(Patrick) #11

SMU TD to go up by 1.

(Mike Higdon) #12

That’s a stupid rule and a stupid ref.

(Patrick) #13

Big pick by SMU with 6 minutes to go. 38-34 Ponies.

(Patrick) #14

That should do it. Looks like SMU will pull out the win tonight.

(shharper01) #15

Well, we played Memphis better than Tulane did and beat SMU. Darn Tulsa game!

(Patrick) #16

(Tom) #17

Memphis may be vulnerable at a good Tulsa team next week and verses SMU.
Need strange things to happen the next couple of weeks

(Patrick) #18