HTownSpeedCity Headed to NCAA Indoor Championships (Coog men take 2nd, women score points for first time since 2010)


Great run by Burke…very controlled.

Watching this meet so far, I am amazed that any top t&f athlete would not consider The Coogs first. The composure, confidence, and get it done attitude by our athletes speaks volumes of the ability of our coaching staff.

(Patrick) #22

Definitely, just taking care of business today. Just need Igbokwe and Bethel to qualify in the 200m for every UH athlete to be in action tomorrow.

(Patrick) #23

Forgot Samuels is going in the Long Jump. She commits a foul on her 1st jump.

And a foul in her 2nd jump. Has to land her 3rd and finish top 9 to make the finals.


Igbokwe qualifies for the finals in the 400m

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(Patrick) #26

Bethel goes 23.30 and finishes 10th overall, just .08 from qualifying.

(Patrick) #27

Igbokwe wins Heat 3 of the 200m with a 20.62 time and qualifies for tomorrow.

(Patrick) #28

Samuels lands her 3rd jump and is tied for 6th. She’ll be in the Finals.

(Randy Randel) #29

Thanks for referencing ESPN. I didn’t realize espn3 was carrying the meet

(Patrick) #30

Coogs in good shape going into tomorrow. Florida is going to be tough just because they have so many athletes. Need them to not score in the field events. LSU and Georgia are ones to watch as well. Tech has not had a good day.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #31

UH men have 6 entrants in the Finals tomorrow, plus got a Silver medal in Long Jump today.

I know Texas Tech men led the NCAA with 14 entrants to the Championships, but they only have 5 entrants in the Finals tomorrow, plus got a 5th place finish in Long Jump today.

UH is arguably in better position to win team Nat’l Championship than Texas Tech. I didn’t tally anyone else up…now you have me curious about Florida, LSU and Georgia.

(Patrick) #32

On her 5th jump, Samuels moves into 6th by her lonesome…and then falls back into 7th

Lot of movement in the last round as Samuels betters her distance, but ends up in a tie for 8th. Coogs Score 1 point

First point for the Lady Coogs since 2010 when Kalyn Floyd finished 6th in the 200m

(Timothy Q. Chan) #33

So curiosity got the best of me. I don’t know if I’m 100% accurate, but looks to me like:

HOUSTON: 6 finalists + 8 pts
Florida: 10 finalists + 6 pts
Texas Tech: 6 finalists + 4 pts
Georgia: 4 finalists + 6 pts
FSU: 4 finalists + 0 pts
LSU: 3 finalists + 20 pts

Looks like Florida’s got the best odds, but UH is definitely in great position.

(EDIT: I forgot the 4x400m)

(Patrick) #34

Looks good to me.

Coogs definitely have a shot tomorrow. Could come down to the 4x400.

(Randy Randel) #35

My favorite event. That would be awesome

(Timothy Q. Chan) #36

Hope it doesn’t come down to the 1/4" that separated Jefferson from the Gold! :sob: Gotta be frustrating…teammates would be giving you hell forever. “All you needed was THIS much!!!” :laughing:

I’ve always wondered how they measure that accurately on the Long Jump. At the AAC Championship I saw the judge measuring with a kind of a “spy glass” but still…

(Timothy Q. Chan) #37

I’m calling it now, UH wins the men’s team title, 45-42 over Florida. :exploding_head:

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(Next one is the 200m)