HTownSpeedCity Headed to NCAA Indoor Championships (Coog men take 2nd, women score points for first time since 2010)

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You’re in the ballpark @TheOriginalTimmyChan. I think you may have hit the target on your prediction and we’ll all be very happy today.


This just T’s me off. Imagine how much more we could do with some of that “P5” money. I friggin hate the politics of it all.

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I saw on the NCAA real-time results website last night that the Long Jump was under protest. Any idea what that was about?

I don’t recall the ESPN announcers mentioning it. In fact I don’t think they really discussed any of the protests.

Several of the races were under protest, with all the pushing, shoving, trips, falls and tackles. :slight_smile:

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I believe protests happen all the time for any number of reasons, but little comes of it unless there is something blatant. Most of the time, coaches put in protests if things are close to hopefully win the lottery so to speak. No real drawback to it.

Doesn’t look like any of the Coogs were affected.

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Only thing I saw was that one of the women that was tripped in the Mile qualifier was added to the finals.

I was wondering if we were protesting to get an extra 5/16" on the Long Jump. :slight_smile:

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Patrick is Joe Williams still on the track team? Where is Keshun Reed?

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Florida gets #4 and #7 on Men’s Weight Throw…their throwers were ranked #4 & #6 coming in, so about what was expected. I was hoping they’d slip a bit, but no such luck.

Florida also got an unexpected point on High Jump. Their guy was ranked #13 coming in, but took 8th place for 1 pt.

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As of now, Florida is #5 with 14 pts, UH is #9 with 8 pts.

Here are the remaining scoring opportunities for UH and Florida:

60m Hurdles: Lattin - ranked #4
400m: Igbokwe - #3 & Montgomery #1
60m: Burke - #4
200m: Igbokwe - #5
4x400: #1

60m Hurdles: Holloway - ranked #1
400m: Lobo Vedel - ranked #7
60m: Holloway #1, Rincher & Sani Brown (tied #5)
4x400: #3
Triple Jump - ranked #10

If everybody runs based on current ranks:
UH gains 36 pts, plus 8 = 44 pts
UF gains 35 pts, plus 14 = 49 pts

Obviously we need to outpunch our position, and hope for some help from our competition.

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Looking at some of the others above us, LSU, Alabama, Georgia all have pretty limited scoring opportunities from here on out (I think one event for each).

Wisconsin has several good opportunities in the distance events and Heptathlon. I don’t think it’s enough to get them to the team championship.

Edit to add…this all assumes that NDSU’s Payton Otterdahl doesn’t run any sprints. He’s got North Dakota State in 2nd place in the team rankings all by himself right now, with gold medals in Shot Put and WT.


Holloway should go pro before outdoors, dude is too good. Lattin gets 4th in a very solid race


I missed the race, but Naomi Taylor also came in 4th in the 60m hurdles on the women’s side.

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Holloway should go pro before the 60m final!!! :slight_smile:

Lattin came in 4th as expected, looked like a rough start, but a better finish. Held his position.

Good work for Taylor, she was ranked #10 coming into the race, great job to place 4th.


Montgomery got beat pretty much running 45 flat. Obi came in 5th.

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That hurt UH’s chances, in my opinion. We needed to hold 1st & 3rd there, but got 2nd & 5th.


Burke comes up big with 2nd in the 60m, but Florida has 1st, 3rd, 6th


PR for Montgomery and a school record. Tough way to place second.

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No doubt, and we really could use those two points!!!

Two more scoring chances for Florida and UH.

200m: Igbokwe - #5
4x400: #1

4x400: #3
Triple Jump - ranked #10

If those rankings hold, Florida wins 51-47.

If Obi can get up to 3rd in the 200m, and Florida drops to 5th in the 4x400, then we’d be co-champs.

I don’t see it…Obi’s got two more races in the next 80 minutes. That’s a lot to ask.

Edit: just realized Triple Jump is already underway. Florida’s jumper is currently in 7th, in good position to get a couple more points for FU (I think that’s what they’re called, right?)