HTownSpeedCity Headed to NCAA Indoor Championships (Coog men take 2nd, women score points for first time since 2010)

(Timothy Q. Chan) #61

Florida’s jumper having himself a day. Made the finals, and is currently in 5th place, with two more rounds to go.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #62

Obi looks to be hurt. Not good.


Just about the post that. Overall title hopes are gone, but if he can’t go for the 4x400, what happens there?

(Timothy Q. Chan) #64

I’ll have to defer to PRay! I don’t know if we’re allowed an alternate or not.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #65

Hey, congrats to Taylor Scaife – she took the bronze in the Weight Throw! Great season.

If you saw her interview at the AAC Championships, she appears to be the happiest person on Earth.

(Patrick) #66

I believe they can submit someone that ran for them in the 4x400 this season so I’m guessing Burke would get the nod since he’s there and warmed up if Igbokwe couldn’t go.


We have to beat LSU in the 4x400 to finish 2nd overall (technically could be a slot or two behind them). I want to see a title in one event so hopefully Obi is good or we have somebody else who can jump in.

(greg) #68

Burke can run, he ran a 45 last year

(Patrick) #69

2nd would be great. Coogs highest finish in a championship was 3rd in last year’s outdoor. We’d also finish 2nd as long as LSU finishes no higher than 6th.

(Patrick) #70

LSU dropped the baton. Coogs will finish 2nd no matter what.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #71

I looked at NCAA Indoor Record Book yesterday, UH’s best ever Indoor finish was 4th in 1996.

WAS. :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #72

Coogs win the 4x400!


What a gutty effort after a long day!

(Patrick) #74

44 total points this year. 2nd place finish.

Women finish 15th overall with 12 points.

Can’t wait for outdoor

(Timothy Q. Chan) #75

Montgomery wasn’t gonna get beat again.

I got a kick out of Holloway performing CPR, but I don’t think the Coogs did…

(Patrick) #76


First of all…congrats for a terrific tournament, 2-3 places above our seed depending on what service you checked!!

Second what a piece of crap broadcast…was it ESPN or the SEC Channel streaming this? Disgusting the consisting fawning over the sec teams…didn’t even interview the winning 400m winning Coogs.

(Randy Randel) #78

Exactly We won the 4x400 and they interview Florida

(Patrick) #79

Yep, that was an SEC homer broadcast for 2 straight days.

(Patrick) #80