Humble, stubborn and relentless, Ed Oliver patiently waits for his NFL opportunity

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Good article and a couple of interesting takes:

  1. Dad says he was coming to play with Marcus no matter what. Really had nothing to do with Herman.

  2. Ed’s still bitter about Tommy leaving. Might have something to do with the comment he tweeted out when quoting that Mayfield rant in regards to hating Texas.

Ed’s a Coog through and through.


Any informed Houstonian who really cares about the University of Houston should come to hate the University of Austin.

Ed’s got it right! For that matter, so does Baker Mayfield.

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That was a good read:

Of note:
“Ed Sr. played tailback at Northwestern State back in Natchitoches, Louisiana, with the likes of LSU coach Ed Orgeron, Super Bowl champion Gary Reasons and three-time Pro Bowler Mark Duper.”

Bobby Hebert- The Cajun Cannon was QB in that era.


Just more solid evidence that CTH straight up lied to these kids.

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Even though Ed Sr. has it correct, I agree Herman should have at least talked to his players and let them know what was really going on.

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He is right and he is wrong. You can hold it against him for the way he left. Vermin is a douche of the highest degree. Ed can have a grudge and still go out and play his socks off. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

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Scott Frost proves exactly how to leave with class.


Frost stayed for the bowl game because UCF was undefeated and landed in a NY6 bowl.

We don’t know what he would have done if UCF was only 8-4 or 9-3 and landed in a lesser bowl game, but I agree that he made the right decision.

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We were still the favorite to get the NY6 bowl being 9-2 and having defeated two top 5 teams going into the Memphis game. He had already signed a contract and checked out and we lost that game.