Hunter to Arkansas




Read this on another thread and didn’t think too much about it but “whoa” is right.

Amazing how many people we supply to other schools.

(Dustin K) #3

So it seems it is time to tell our President and BOR what we are looking for in a new AD.

(Eric Prado) #4


Will UH bring back Pezman?


would he want to leave Cal?

(Cary) #7

This might mean some of our coaches will be on the clock.

(Eric Prado) #9

Inb4 threads of we should hire Ian McCaw

(Dan) #10

Can we please get someone good? Not down the hall. We are a name national program. We have a nice reputation. And I’m sure I’m gonna get flamed but you have to make a call to Tom Jurich and at least see if he’s interested, he’s probably not so everybody relax. He knows how to take little brother city school from Conference USA and make it great. Too many BCS bowl wins, CWS appearances, and final fours to mention during his tenure.

And yes Louisville is in trouble now but you know where they’ll be in three years when this is over? THE ACC playing Clemson and FSU in football and Carolina and Duke in basketball every single year. Where will we be in three years?

We need the next Tom Jurich without the baggage.


This is what happens when you beat their basketball team I guess.

(Alan Tran) #12

I wonder if Mike Norvell is at the top of his list.


No to Jurich.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

Who needs him? He signed a deal with Boise State instead of a proper P5 school like Vanderbilt.

(Cary) #15


Good for him. I’m sure he gets a big raise to go to the SEC. Its an opportunity for us to improve at AD.

(Eric Prado) #17

(shharper01) #18

Yeah, now let’s get Pezman who people were raving about.

(PMM) #19

No wonder Arky has done nothing in the last 25 years !

(zx504) #20

Pezman bio per Cal.


If you want Pez, then like and retweet this: