(Will) #1

Feel really bad for this team. Offense played great, especially Catalon, Birden, Bonner, and Lark!

We held them to 30 yards rushing and still lost.

I know our guys are really hurting and want thank them, really appreciate the effort and so sorry it turned out this way.

(Patrick) #2

This. I’ll always love the Coogs and the athletes that will play for this University.

Go Coogs

(CoogDentist) #3

I agree with both of you and in order to save our players from more hurt we need to dump Applewhite.

(shharper01) #4

But we can’t/won’t for two more years unless it’s horrific like USM’s 0-fer year.

(Will) #5

No f bombs please -ed

Make hubcap guy the head coach