Hypothetical Question

So we have 12 players on schollys right now…

Harris is a senior…

Therefore we have 2 schollys available next year…

We have signed 3 players…

Who do you think goes ??

grimes most likely gone…dejon trying to be gone (but has to do better than the last 2 games)

at 6’5 one or more of our 3 starting guards will do enough to get draft stock or our season wasn’t that great,…

if our season isn’t that good, someone was going to leave regardless to get better players …itll work itself out

Grimes and Dejon gone after this year Maybe Nate also unless he plans to graduate year 3.

I believe that Nate stays 4 years and is really the only NBA prospect on the team.

Grimes really needs 2 years under CKS.

IMHO… Jarreau leaves and pursues pro basketball somewhere.


Nate is a different cat. I suspect he will be here at least three years. I think there’s a huge value placed on getting his education and I think he’ll see that through to the end. So glad we have someone like him representing the university.


Kelvin stated at the Tipoff banquet that he expected Nate to be the winningest UH player after his 4 years

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Since grimes was already told he was going to get drafted, id assume to say he is draft prospect…

dejon is a 6’5 point guard, with elite agility…id also say he is a draft prospect …

this conversation reminds me of the joe young/danuel house convos …all becuase you dont like what they are doing in college has little barring on what nba scouts are judging them on…

this is the wierd thing to me, grimes hasnt had any bad games yet and is getting so much slack on this forum, he just isnt putting up crazy big numbers. he’s been efficient, played defense, rebounded and controlled the offense,someone was complaining they werent impressed with him game 1…he had a 30PER game 1…per is the biggest nba metric (combines all stats) 15 per is good, 20-25 had an amazing game, 30 per is legendary… he had a great game 1 despite it not being flashy


Who told him that ?

And please don’t say an agent.

I think he is a very good player with a lot of upside. NBA, I have no idea.

nba execs, its been mentioned numerous times here in like 40 articles… he was told he’d be drafted last season if he stayed in the draft…
its just wouldnt be as high as he wanted (he thinks he can be draft lottery pick or 1st round)… he also wanted to come back and show what he is capable off

It’s a long season…a lot can happen obviously. The coaching staff knows the intent of each of the players on scholarship. It’s just smart business to go after talent and not pass it up…knowing what they do about said intent.

Having said that, Grimes has a long way to go to be a NBA lottery pick, long way.


Grimes has been pretty solid. I don’t think we will see the best of him offensively until the offense gels and they figure out the spacing. I saw him in HS and never thought he was going to be a dominant scorer.

I have been impressed with his defense so far. Looks like he has already improved in that area.


They may know what the intent is today, but these are kids and intent can change. Armoni took CKS completely by surprise when he stayed in the draft. It happens.

Of all the players, I would think that Nate will stay his full term and graduate; I think his family will insist that he does. I know he is an adult and can make his own decisions, but I think he will heed their direction.


NBA doesn’t always look at production in college as the end-all-be-all of a draft prospect. Most of the time they are looking at potential and athleticism. Grimes has a ton of both and will probably be. A high draft pick just because of that. Jarreau will also get quite a few looks and could end up as a late 1st round pick if he performs well in combines. However, he’s probably a 2nd rounder ceiling-wise.

Hinton probably will need at least one more year. He really needs to develop more of an offensive game before he goes pro.

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I think Grimes is going to have to turn it up a lot in the intensity area. We need a full blown personality from him not a cameo appearance.

I haven’t been all that impressed with Grimes’ ability to beat guys off the dribble and take it to the hole. I don’t worry much about the rest of his role on the team. As the team gels more, so, too, will Grimes.

I think we saw in the second half of the BYU game the beginnings of what will end up being the basic rotation. White will probably end playing the bulk of the minutes at the 5 this year, especially given the lack of team offense. If Alley’s outside shot has indeed improved, he’ll get a lot of minutes at the 4. But I still see Justin Gorham as the best starting option there eventually.

And it’s now obvious Caleb Mills will either supplant someone in the starting backcourt (my money’s on Nate Hinton) or play starters minutes at the very least. Mills will be our best player by season’s end, and once Grimes gets acclimated and Jareau gets healthier, they will be a load for just about anyone and will carry this squad.

As far as Jareau’s NBA prospects (and, for that matter, leaving early) go, he simply does not shoot it well enough to be considered draft-worthy at this point. He’s better off staying the final year and working more on that part of his game. He can slash and get to the rim with the best of them (and his first step is ridiculous). But he’s still a little too one-dimensional right now.

Elfrid Payton and Dejounte Murray say hi.

Dejounte Murray is a much better defender than Jareau.

As is Payton

Murray wasn’t that great of a defender in college, he was good and had potential to be better. Those guys are 1st round picks, Payton in the lottery. So you can edit your post that without improving his shooting OR his defense he isn’t draft worthy. Fair enough, once he gets back into a groove I think we will see both improved. I would put my money down that he is a draft pick when he leaves UH.

Fine, but NEXT year (as in 2021), not THIS year (2020)!

Pay attention!

The topic question was: who do we see leaving early? I don’t think Jareau is ready yet, therefore, I don’t believe he goes (or should). That was my point.