I-10 closed on game day!

I-10 through downtown will be closed in both directions all weekend. Plan your gameday travel accordingly.


That should be fun.


It is very possible I-45 southbound / Pierce Elevated could be just like the video H-Town Cary posted since the closure begins Friday night. There is also a s good chance I-69 southbound past the GRB could be the same. We usually take I-45 southbound through down town, but I am going to research alternative routes.

The issues are I-10 eastbound will detour to I-45 southbound to I-69 and I-10 westbound will detour to I-69 southbound, both back to I-10.

Hello Beltway 8!

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Is or has UH or the AD sent anything about this out? Could really affect attendance.

I just sent an email to my main contact in the ticket office and in Cougar Pride. Hopefully they get the information into the proper hands to send out via social media or however they reach out.

Good move. Thanks so much.

I45 has two stretches of single-lane construction that resulted in at least a 1-2 hour delay (Dallas to Houston). We are leaving Friday to ensure we can make the 11AM kickoff.

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Received replies to my emails from ticket office and CP. Both said there have been no notifications received of street closures that would affect game day traffic. Both forwarded on to higher ups within ticket and athletics office.

Beltway 8 to I-45 might be the answer on both west and east sides. Way out of the way for many but should be fairly clear.

Astros are playing Rangers at Noon Saturday… will we be able to park at BBVA Stadium and take Metro Rail like we have for years?

Astros parking “overflow” goes East of I45 and takes up BBVA parking lots

Where else can one park downtown and ride Metro Rail for free to the game?

Go Coogs

Check out the metro rail website for the purple line map. There’s a parking garage and station somewhere over near the theater district downtown that my parents have used on game days in the past.

Houston Press seemed to get the info!

Saturday traffic near downtown is going to be a mess. Leave for the game early and if you normally take I-45 / Pierce elevated to U of H or I-69 south to I-45 south I recommend to leave very early or find alternate routes. Hardy to Elysian is not an option as the bridge over I-10 on Elysian is being rebuilt and Elysian is a total closure into downtown.

I usually take hardy toll road to 610 east to 59 south to 45 south. Will I be able to do that within reason or do I need to use wayside to cut through?

Rick - That is the exact route (Hardy/610/59/45) my wife and I usually take from The Woodlands. I am very concerned that 59 south (especially GRB area) to I-45 will be a total mess with all of the west bound I-10 traffic being detoured to 59 south then back to 45 north. I am thinking about taking Lockwood from 610 north loop the whole way to Polk. Then Polk to Scott. Wayside is probably another good choice from 610 north loop as it is Alt 90 after you reach I-10. I don’t want to risk sitting in Traffic on 59 south.

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I’m coming in from the Northwest down 290. Will either take Beltway 8 or 610 South to 288. Then come up and exit McGregor and come in on the South side of campus.

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Mandell - Good plan. 610 to 288 should work.

Fellow COOGS - I highly recommend avoiding the shut down area of I-10. I-45 south and I-69 south as well as north for both will be terrible. Montrose to Elgin is an option. From Galleria area 610 south loop to Scott is an option. 610 south loop to 288 to McGregor or Elgin is an option.

Northside COOGS (Spring / The Woodlands etc.) Loop 610 around eastside to south loop to Gulf Freeway. Loop 610 to Lockwood and take Lockwood through town to Polk then to Scott.

Elysian from Hardy street is closed until June 2019 and the reason I-10 is closed is they are tearing down the bridge on Elysian over I-10.

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