I believe a one seed is possible


…despite what those bozos believe. Keep winning.

(Randy Randel) #2

I’ve got to disagree. Our remaining schedule won’t get us there. If Cincy was Cincy if last season, or UCF the equivalent of Wichita State a year ago, then a remote chance

2-seed is our ceiling

(Ryon Adams) #3

If we can run the table, and some other teams ranked ahead of us lose, then I wouldn’t say that it’s an impossibility.

(Tom Green) #4

Yes agree with this. 2 seed is ceiling and would have to win out or lose @Cincy n then Conf Tourney n 2 SEED may be very possible. Otherwise just not enough high NET teams on schedule rem.


A one seed could only happen if we beat a top 5 team or several top 15 teams in the regular season.


If 5 of the 8 teams ahesd of us lose a couplr of games, and we ein out, whstvwill keep us from hopping 4 or 5 slots, unless all voters become Seth Davis suddenly.

(Tom Green) #7

The committee will decide the Seeding not the writers.

(Tom Green) #8

Remember we were #11(3 Seed) in Committee eyes b4 Cincy win


Seth Davis may have a few relatives on that committee…

(Tom Green) #10

He’s actually been giving us kudos lately, been prob didn’t want to jump us 7 or 8 spots in one week so he jumped us 3 spots.

(David) #11

At the end of the day, is it a big deal whether UH is a 1, 2 or 3 seed other than bragging rights? 2 or 3 keeps you from the 4 #1 seeds and should get you a regional closer to home. I said it before but I don’t know if getting a #1 seed at this point in the program is the best thing. I almost prefer a #3 seed to keep the underappreciated angle for motivation and have them out to prove everyone wrong.

(Bryant Hargrave) #12

I mean it’s not out of the realm of possibility. We’d need a quite literally ton of help. Meaning complete and utter collapses of everyone ahead of us, as well as slightly below us. I’m taking Major Applewhite in the armed Forces bowl collapse.

So 99.7% 2 seed is the ceiling. But hey even a .03% at a 1 seed is huge.

(Ian Blake) #13

If we lose 1 more game I think we have a 3 seed ceiling. Win out and we might creep to a 2 seed.

(Randy Randel) #14

Who wouldn’t have taken a top 4-seed going into the season? I know I would have and I thought we were going to be better than last year by the beginning of March. We came together a great deal sooner than I expected.

Besides that, I’m much more concerned about the actual matchups than the number of our seed. We could have a less difficult road as a 3-seed over being a 2.

(Marcus) #15

The only hope would be for the second and third place teams in the ACC and SEC to really fall off. You’d need Tennessee to run away with the SEC and Kentucky to lose 2-3 more times, including one to an average to bad team. You’d need Duke to run away with the ACC and Virginia and NC to lose a couple each. You’d need the Big Ten to destroy each other, which could happen. I don’t see Gonzaga losing. Lastly, the Coogs would have to win out, obviously. All of those things happening put the chances at under 1%, but as Cougar Dave pointed out above, there isn’t much of an advantage as long as you’re a top 3 seed.

(Thomas) #16

I would rather be a 2 or 3 seed this year going into the tournament.

(James Duncan) #17

Not knowing much about college bball history but would the committee not reward a 33-1 final record with that seed? That record seems extremely gaudy and probably happens once a blue moon in this sport (for mid-major and above).

(Russel ) #18

Winning out with 33-1 record would have to draw some serious conisderation for a 1 seed. That would be a tall task in itself. Whichita State a few years ago drew a number one seen going undefeated but playing in a much weaker conference. I also remeber Memphis drew a one seed in CUSA back in 2008 with one loss.


Four slots gets you to 7. Still need to pass 3 more teams. Just not enough top 15 wins to be a 1 seed. I have no doubt UH can beat anybody in the country on a neutral floor so it’s only about the jersey color for the games.

(PMM) #20

I think a 4 seed is more likely than a 1 seed. The season is not over !