I believe a one seed is possible


Kentucky with 3 losses and NC with 4 have 3 or 4 TOUGH games coming up. If we can take care of our business I think we jump them (because I think they may lose 2 more games each) and Nevada by the end of the regular season. So we’d be 6 in the AP at best. I don’t see the committee giving us a 1 seed with a 6 AP ranking. Moreover, even if we’re ranked 7 or 8 at the end of the season, I doubt we get higher that a 3 seed. Much depends on the conference tournament as well. Play strong on both ends in that tourney, and who knows, a 2 seed could happen.

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We won 2 big games this week, one on the road, and out NET ranking stayed at 7.


This is interesting information about seeds and their odds of advancing.


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We would definitely make a strong case for a No. 1 seed if (and only if) we win out. But I believe we’d still need some help to get there. At any rate, winning out would still be a quite difficult proposition and a lot to expect, even for this team.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter other than we’d have a little more say on where we’d open up to play. But it doesn’t really change the draw or opportunity much. Seeds 13-16 are all pretty much even in terms of 1st-round opponent and there’s not even too much difference between seeds 5 and eight in the second round – especially when you consider lower seeds than that could also wind up advancing to the second round.

I’ve said it before…let’s enjoy the journey. Where we wind up is where we wind up. We can argue resumes, records, wins and losses all day long. It still doesn’t change that it’s been a special season, everything is in front of us and that we control our own destiny the rest of the way. Take nothing away, the Coogs are gonna be a difficult out for anyone they play and whether they are a 1, 2, 3, 4 or below, the games and who they play are all gonna count the same!


FTA " #1 seeds have yet to suffer a loss in the first round, but you certainly get the idea that the day is coming sooner or later."

This article is incorrect. Last year 16 seed UMBC defeated Virginia in the first round


I guess we’d have to look at how the teams in front of us did. 7 seems about right to me.


Niether game was 10+ win…that is why we stayed at 7.


#1 seeds will most likely be Zags, UK/Tenn, Duke/Virginia/UNC, and the fourth to one of those 3 ACC teams or possibly the other SEC team or one of Michigan/MSU/Purdue. It’s possible some unexpected losses could change that and give us an opening if we win out, but not super likely.


The horns are 14-10. One more win and they’ll be in the hunt for a 2 seed. :slight_smile:


I’m not kidding, I agree with you.


That would be an outstanding accomplishment and achievable.

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The fact that we are discussing this is mind boggling. I attended our 1984 Final Four event. When we walked out after losing to Georgetown I could have never imagined it would be 35 years before we could again discuss a high seeding for March Madness.