I could see this UH basketball team going undefeated at home again

(Cougarpad) #1

If we can beat LSU on Wednesday I could legitimately see us going undefeated at home again this year. I also could see us losing a game at Cinci or Witchita St, but if we can win all of our most of our home games we would have a real chance at winning the AAC championship. If the Coogs can protect home court there is no reason we should not have a shot at a conference championship this year. WSU is not as good as last year, so it will come down to us and Cincy.

(Randy Randel) #2

What about UCF? Consensus favorite going into the season

(Cougarpad) #3

I forgot about them. We will see, but honestly, if we can beat Oregon, Utah State, and Some of the others teams on our home schedule, then I don’t see why we would not have a good chance at beating UCF at home as well. Basically if we protect our home court then a conference championship would come down to how we do on our road. This is what good teams do in winning games at home and giving yourself a chance.


WSU got smoked by OU by 32 pts today. Rebuilding year for them.

(PMM) #5

We play Memphis and WS only at our place this year. However, we have to play @ UConn this year with no return game. That will a tough one. They have a real coach now.

(Tom) #6

Lol, could this thread be the jinx of the year ?

(Jimmy Morris) #7

I’m curious to see what Cincy does against Miss State on the road first. They dominated Xavier in the second half today.

(Cougarpad) #8

I don’t see why it is is a jinx. If we play to the ability we have been seeing there is a legitimate chance we could go undefeated at home this year. We did it last year with a less talented team and not playing on a true home court.

(Jimmy Morris) #9

I’d be careful with the wording of that. While we have some new faces with great potential, it’s hard to say Alley, Hinton and Jarreau will contribute more THIS YEAR than Rob and Devin did last year.

(Randy Randel) #10

It’s more a case of better depth and length

(PMM) #11

We need to get Corey, Brooks and Galen some more rest. They seem to be playing 30+ minutes per game.


I knew they were wrong on UCF…I don’t know where that hype cane from.

(Randy Randel) #13

Who is saying they were wrong. UCF is talented including perhaps the AAC POY, and I’m not talking about Tacko


They are 7-2 with a 1 point loss to FAU and a two point road loss to Mizzou in OT. They are #44 in Kenpom (third amongst AAC teams, 8 spots behind us) and have wins over Bama, St. Joe’s and Western Kentucky, none of which are outstanding but those are real teams. I think us or Cincy win the conference, but pretty early to call scoreboard.


I said it. I did not, and I repeat, did not understand why they were saying UCF will win conference. They totally overlooked our team and Cincy. My opinion, UCF is good, but not the best team in the AAC…


Who called scoreboard.??? We haven’t played yet, but we were overlooked.


We’re f’ng undefeated!!


Come on!!


You said you knew they were wrong about UCF making it seemed like they’ve flopped or something this year. Maybe I misunderstood you’re intent, but I wasn’t sure you’d really followed what they’ve done so far. UCF has probably slightly underperformed relative to expectations and we’ve probably slightly overperformed, but there’s still a ton of hoops left.

UCF wasn’t my pick to win the conference and certainly still aren’t. It wouldn’t completely shock me if they did though. They are a good team (even though I think us and Cincy are better).


My God, do you read??? Here is my post and what I said with nothing added: “I knew they were wrong on UCF…I don’t know where that hype cane from.” That is what I said. Yes, I don’t know where the hype came from and yes I feel they are WRONG on UCF winning the conference over Houston or Cincy.