I don't remember too many blown 17 point leads

(JohnnyCougar) #1

Notre Dame, ULaLa are the only other ones I remember.

This game feels like the one in 2008 playing a hot ECU team on the road. We may still have something to prove left in the tank.

(Kyle) #2

Once we allowed Memphis to regain their confidence it was too late… Ferguson is a damn good football player.

(Ben) #3

I remember the Oilers (yes, I know this was Pro football, but) blowing a 30+ point game . . . . .

(Chris) #4


(Jerrycoog) #5

We blew a big lead at home against ECU in the game where Joffrey Reynolds ran for 300 yards.

(Bill F.) #6

No one remembers the most recent Superbowl either.

(Jerrycoog) #7

It was a 17 point lead.

(Patrick) #8

According to this link, we had no losses from 2007-2015 where we led by 17 points. We only had 2 losses in that timeframe where we had a 10 point lead (‘09 UTEP and ‘09 UCF). In the same timeframe, we had 6 wins when trailing by 17 points or more.

Since CMA has been coach, we have one 10 point loss (SDSU) and one 17 point loss (Memphis).


(shharper01) #9

It puts the Aggies’ blown 34 pt lead over UCLA into perspective. They had a true freshman QB that was getting reps on the fly. He seems much better now but Sumlin blew the biggest lead ever with just 15 minutes to go in the game. And I believe that was with no turnovers or onside kicks.


We had a 10 point lead vs Tulsa too although it was fairly early

(Patrick) #11

You’re correct.


It could have been a 42 point lead…

(Nathan) #13

I remember Dana Dimel blew a 22 point lead to UAB in 2002. We lost the game by 17. 51-34. That’s a 39 point swing. The fact it was against UAB makes it even worse.