I hope Kyle Allen stays


Yeah going to a small school will give him a better shot at a starting position, but I think the Briles hire was a wake up call for him. He is currently playing football for one of the best G5 schools in the nation. He isn’t going to get the exposure he wants at a Sam Houston-esque school.

People are calling him trash because he couldn’t find consistency in an offense that wasn’t designed for him. We can’t knock the kid after only 2 bad games (Arizona & Tech). I really don’t think we’ve seen what he is truly capable of. His biggest flaw is decision making which can be fixed with practice. Let’s not forget he had an entire year and a half off before coming to UH.

Deriq King is our most experienced reciever at this point. King’s talented at QB no doubt, but he really only had 2 above average games against a sorry ECU and a really good Navy game. He still lost to Tulane and Fresno State with a still terrible offensive scheme, but an offensive scheme that’s catered toward King. I say he is better fit back at WR considering his speed.

Let’s give Kyle Allen another shot. Let him finish his senior year strong at UH. Then we have to let a 5’11 Bryson Smith take over in 2019 (Deriq King is 5’9, no idea why ESPN has him as 5’11).

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He can graduate transfer… “Small schools” aren’t his only option.

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He could go back home and play at Arizona…oh wait…nevermind.

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Nah…bro…I saw enough of that guy to know he is not the answer at QB. I get worried on every throw he makes. The guy is eerily similar to David Piland…good kid, but not the answer at QB. Decision making cant always be fixed as we have seen in both college and the Pros. You either have it or you don’t.


Nice to be able to state this for the first time in a while - I trust CKB will make the right decisions regarding offensive personnel and scheme. Go Coogs

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We just don’t have the o line for his style same with okorn. That’s not going to change in one year. I’m not convinced King is our answer but it’s not KA. Best of luck though.


do we get extra points if our qb is taller, is our trophy bigger ? why are people obsessed with height
we just had this debate on TOS

you would even notice that our old qb was 5’10…the qb of the undefeated ucf is 5’10…that the projected starter for oklahoma is 5’10

also why are we believing brysons numbers but questioning kings…king ids probably 5’9.5 and bryson is probably 5.10.5, not sure what an inch will make

allen: he has top 3% arm talent in the world. he can hit every pass. rewatch his film, you will see bad mistakes (trying to squeeze passes between defenders, or not seeing a DB) what you wont see is any flat misses… he has arm strength and pin point accuracy…

he had some decision making issues thats undineiable, but i honestly dont think it was that bad…our offense made it seem worse…just look at arizona. without the ability to run (himself or rb) alot of it went on his arms. without big play WR a lot of it was short yards at a time. he needed 8/9 great passes to get a td every drive…in the arizona game he had 2 very bad passes and 15-20 really good ones…2 borderline elite passes. unfortunately for the offense those 2 bad passes were in the redzone right before scoring …

in a big play offense (baylor, okstate etc) when its 3/4 good passes till td…i dont think their would be a noticeable decision making problem

King: i love king at qb. people keep judging king like he’s a 3 year starter with numerous offseasons and hasnt won anything…look at his film with that of guy who has never had an offseason at QB on his first 4 ever games and youd realize how AMAZING he played for his experience… go back and watch tulane and fresno…he didnt play bad… he didnt carry the team to a victory, he didnt make spectacular plays to save drives. but there wasnt a “what are you doing out there” moment in those games

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If he’s leaving he better do it soon. Spring semester starts next week.

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Sounds like you’re giving equal shot to both Allen and Smith for 2018?

And as far as the Piland comparison mentioned earlier, the big difference is Allen out of high school was either the first or second highest rated recruit.

So I think Briles is an answer to harness what Allen has should he decide to stick around.


Agree with much you say here.
Allen was also victim of Noble having the yipes with his snaps in Ariz and TT games. Couple turnovers due to snaps on ground. But he made some bad decisions with the ball for sure. Postma as well…For every really good thing he did , there was a bad play/turnover.
I think Allen is a talented kid. Competition wouldn’t hurt anyone imo


What is the time frame to make his decision? I hope he stays, but wish him well if he leaves.

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When I went back to watch the Arizona and Tech games early this year, I saw three things: 1) Allen has all the physical tools to be successful, 2) Allen tends to have tunnel vision and/or get flustered easily, and 3) Allen tries his hardest.

Two biggest issues in the Arizona game were the interception where he decided to go down the middle of the field into coverage when Leday was wide open on the sideline and the fumble near the goal line where he decided that he was going to take it before the snap even though e right read was to hand to Catalon again. The rest of the problems on offense that game were play calling and breakdowns in catching the ball and blocking.

The Tech game was worse. You could tell almost immediately that he didn’t have his accuracy that game. Still, the offense did well in the 2nd quarter when it asked him to make short throws. As much as people complain about them, the bubble screens worked that day. Then, for some reason, the play-calling in the 2nd half went back to trying to throw downfield. Allen took a couple of hard hits early in the half and looked lost. Coaches should have pulled him 2 series earlier as he looked rattled.

Kid tries hard, but, going back to his Aggie days, I think he gets overly emotional at times, which takes over at the worst moments and causes bad decisions. He also hasn’t been helped by play-calling at either stop. Like to see him stay for the competition, but also understand if he decides to move on, which I expect him to do.

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Spring semester starts next week so my guess is he’ll decide this week. Dead period Ended yesterday, so should hear something soon.

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I think the Allen we have seen is a result of poor coaching (A&M), poor playcalling (UH), and bad offensive line play (A&M & UH but primarily his time at A&M). I am a UH alum but Aggie fan since a lot of my family are Aggies. His last year at A&M, their offensive line was poor and he got hit a lot. The kid is tough and took a lot of punishment that year and played hurt against Alabama when he should not have been playing at all.

I do not care how tough a kid is, but when you are getting sacked and hit, it plays on the mind. I look at David Klinger and David Carr as examples. Klinger was an exceptional quarterback coming out of college. Got drafted by the Bengals. His first year was sacked 67 times. This does not count the number of times he was hit after releasing the ball. Bengals ruined him. On another team, Klinger excels and has a long NFL career. David Carr is much maligned in Houston Texans history. He was another great quarterback coming out of college. Had no offensive line with the Texans and it showed in his stats and career. He was not a bad quarterback as much as he had a really bad offensive line.

If Allen stays, we will have three, possibly four really good quarterbacks competing for the starting job next year. They all bring great talent and have drawbacks. The great thing is we will have a OC who has a history of developing quarterbacks and an Offensive Line coach known for putting together good offensive lines.



Noble is used to 5’10" qbs


Maybe, but he was snapping to the level of a 5’2” QB :wink:


I think the dead period ends on the 12th. Yesterday was the day teams could hire a 10th coach


shool starts in 5 days…i bet we know in 3 by the weekend