I hope we play Texas in my lifetime


As a 22 year old, I really want to BTHO Texas. Texas A&M too…


I don’t see either ever happening again.

We shortsightedly screwed the pooch with UT, the only one of the two biggies in the state who agreed to play us.

As for aTM I have no idea why they’ve never played us.


since the breakup you mean…


~: >


How did we screw the pooch with UT? Bleachergate? Or some other incident?


UT and ATM screwed us for a 550 million dollar loss in revenue since 1996.

They need to play us…a whole lot…


That would have happened before the acid heads from the 60s where given management positions and decided greed was more important than tradition.

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So many people want to play UT and A&M regularly but let me ask you this. Were we a better program in 1995 than we were in 1975? We are definitely a better program in 2018 than 1996. Our first 9 years in the SWC, we had 4 conference championships in football and 4 in basketball (tournament champions). How many did we have the next 11 years? What we got was trouble. So did other programs that beat Texas.

F$&@ Texas


My thoughts - exactly! Been there, done that - to hell with both of them; I hope we never play either of them again!


Understand that at the time, the SWC was the dirtiest conference in America. ALL of the schools (including us) cheated and paying players was how it was done pure and simple. There is nothing new under the sun.

Beginning in 1982, the oil bust created the Houston / Texas depression. Economic times in Texas (in general) and Houston (in particular) rivalled economic times in the US during the great depression.

What happened to us during the latter part of the SWC years was that our money guys were hurt badly by the oil bust. Others, who were loyal to Yeoman stopped supporting the program because they were mad at the way Yeoman was treated by the University when coach was fired. Our ability to compete in a free agent money game was gone.

When we had the financial backing, we competed with anyone in the country. When that evaporated, we were one of the worst programs across the board in the country. Then we doubled down on stupid by going through a 10 year period where we felt sorry for ourselves for not being included in the Big 12. By the way, UConn is doubling down on the same stupidity.

Today could we compete with Texas or A&M on the field or on the court? Absolutely. If we can beat Florida State, we can beat Texas or A&M. Will we get the chance? Absolutely not. Playing us doesn’t do anything for A&M or Texas until we spend a period of 5 to 10 years finishing ranked ahead of them.


I could see us playing one of them in a bowl game

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Texas did it the most and never got on probation or had any games vacated. Even without being in the same conference as us, they can take one of our coaches, give him a fake job, win a national championship with him, get caught and only the coach gets punished. They can recruit a top juco, have an alumn give him a $5k check saying “congrats on JUCO of the year,” get caught and the only punishment is asking the player to pay it back. Why do we want to play in a conference with a team that is continually allowed to play dirty, never get in trouble and soon as you get the best of them, get in trouble for the smallest things that “everyone does.”


Rice fans got it right - Tuck Fexis!

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I don’t think you got that right.


Watching UT and AM lose gives me joy.


Yeoman was fired? Thought he just retired. Pardon my ignorance as I live way down south and don’t get out much . Lol


As I remember it, Yeoman was not “fired” but the donors decided it may be time to move on, especially after his last season when we went 1-11. He was a offered a fund raiser type of a position where he has been since,. We are lucky to have him…still!!


Coach was fired. He and the University were really mad at each other for a few years.


We were forced to fire CBY by the NCAA (UT controlled the ncaa infractions committee). We did go head to head with the ncaa to be allowed to maintain our relationship with BY and he stayed in a fund raising capacity.

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thank you @Coog51 posts like yours is why I love reading the board. Fills in a lot of historical info for us who boarded late to the UH train