I’m not advocating our congressman do the same

(itcoog) #1

But it can’t hurt

(Chris) #2

If you do not ask you do not get.

(Patrick) #3

We did have the governor and 2 in state chancellors advocating for us last year.

(Chris) #4

Exactly and it is smart for them to “push” their Schools. Politically and financially the PAC12 is getting more and more isolated. It is going to be harder for private donations in the coming years. The PAC12 will have to expand to the central time zone if they do not want to lose premier Schools.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

I’m curious how many tickets USF sold for the bowl game. I don’t think the Big12 will be impressed that when USF and UCF both have great years, they can draw 45k playing each other. The biggest thing holding UH back is how our attendance/community support goes two steps forward every time we have a big season and one step back every time we have a mediocre season.

TCU went 11-14 their first two years in the Big12. The Utah Utes went 18-19 their first three seasons. Both of those teams went into the P5/AQ with the same coaches that got them there and two of the three best records in the G5/non-AQ. It’s not a reach to say UH will have a couple of years of growing pains as well. We need to show all P5 conferences that we can sellout a whole season, regardless of record or opponent and are ready for expansion, regardless of P5 invite, then it will show we are ready for growing pains as well.


I agree with Shaggy. We need to sell out every game to be noticed by the P5’s.

(Monte P Gilliam) #7

Our average attendance is already higher than PAC 12 members like Oregon st…we DONT have to sell out every game to be noticed. We just need to keep dong what what we HAVE been doing, on and off the field, the last 4 or 5 years…They KNOW who we are, believe me… We need to keep doing it and be ready when the time comes and it WILL come…


2 steps forward and 1 step back is still progress. :grinning:


I disagree. The biggest thing holding UH back is better known as “racism”! All the schools in the old SWC still hate us for two things: beating their tails in our first few years of membership - and doing it with black players!

They will never forget those early defeats, and they all recruit and play black players themselves now, but they still hate us for forcing them to do it.

We could sell out every game we play; it will make no difference. WE WILL NEVER BE INVITED INTO THE LITTLE 12 CONFERENCE!

(itcoog) #10

Are they still alive?


I know UH needs the $$ donated to Cougar pride and I donate every year to retain my chair back seats but many can’t afford to pay the donation and I struggle each year to come up with it myself. I know it will never happen but UH is pricing Joe blue collar worker from buying tickets for this requirement which I am sure other schools charge a lot more than UH does but I think we went about this the wrong way and probably could not go back but we needed to price the tickets to be affordable during the great ride with our conference championship years and get fans hooked on the team and them gradually increase the ticket prices and requirement to Cougar pride. I want to make it each year and keep my seats but it’s getting harder and harder for me to afford and I’m your average Joe myself trying to make ends meet and this might be to the point where I am no longer able to afford to go any longer. I love to tailgate with friends each season but as I did for basketball this season I had to forgo buying season tickets for basketball that I have had for 25 years and watch the games from home. I can watch on ESPN3 with my laptop hooked to my TV or watch on one of the regular ESPN channels when the game are on those. I might be forced to do so with UH football once the cost of UH football prices me out. I know I will get heat for this post but its reality and the truth even if you don’t like hearing it. Go Coogs!

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In comparison. Most of the major sports franchises in Houston dont sell out unless they make playoffs or play a good team. Yes, that means Rockets, Texans, Dynamo, Astros, US.

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What did I miss? Why are there at least two threads on B12 expansion? We already done this, right?


I believe the Texans have sold out every game in the franchise history.

(Cristian) #15

You’re probably right because of the PSL but the stadium isn’t full all the time to capacity. I guess that ones harder to explain. NFL tickets are generally wanted because everyone wants them and people sell them for crazy money


I have an opinion about attendance.
11:00 am games and 3:00 pm games are going to be hard to sell out, period.
As long as we knuckle under to ESPN or Fox, and let them dictate start times, we will have empty seats.
Why you ask? Because a lot of season ticket holders and walkups have kids of all ages, who play sports during the day. Parents will always choose their kids events, first.
Night games will help cure this ongoing problem. I hope our administration will figure this out one day.


As long as we’re a flagship team in the AAC under the current ESPN contract, we will primarily have to host day games for their requisite national/regional AAC telecasts. [Note - this is the same approach that Louisville used to move up into a P5.] I don’t necessarily like it, but we do have to embrace it and continue to build up more of a national/regional following.


you are correct, Louisville took every lousy time slot on ABC, ESPN. and ESPN2 for 5 years trying to move up. The trick is to get on the higher networks and develop national recognition.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

If the only thing you think holding us back are things we can not prove and completely out of our control, then we might as well wrap it up and never think about the P5 again.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

Don’t compare us to schools that have been a member of these conferences since the 70s. Schools don’t get kicked out of the conferences. They only get invited in. So the goal isn’t to be a little better than the worst schools. The goal is to be better than the average school.

When we countless threads about improving the AAC through expansion, are Coogfans naming schools that have slightly better attendance than Tulsa and Tulane or are we look for schools with attendance that rivals our own?