I moved from Scout!

This seller dude on scout is out of control locking topics and deleting threads. Time to move on!!!


Welcome. I agree.

Welcome, good thing you made the journey.

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I saw he recently labled a post crazy and out of control and I was trying to figure out what I missed… he’s always been like that.


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CoogBoog’s psychic predicted this day would come. Welcome to the more refined option.

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Grandma come with you?

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Unless it’s a coincidence of two fans naming themselves Pearland, this guy has been here before and has made his share of “out of control” comments. :slight_smile:


Well sellers ban me from scouts because I question him on deleted treads. Yes grandma is with me.

I’m Pearland 1 you could see by my avatar.

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Some one took my name Pearland1.

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Glad that you are joining us.

Dan75 ban me from the old coogfans because I made fun of Judas lol. The irony.

What threads were being deleted?

Anything that even remotely gets off topic or he disagrees with. It’s annoying.

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Someone please help where is the ignore option


I didn’t do Scout… We’ll see how it goes but from what I infer from what’s been said so far, folks need to clean the scat… umm, scout off their shoes. We don’t want that stuff tracked all over the place… especially on the white background.

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Doesn’t scout charged you to post in their site. I honestly thought that website was a ghost town. I had forgotten about them.

I am done over there as well.

Same here. When I get more I’ll explain why.

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