I really hope King stays

He’s the key


Its a good thing that Massoud is an early enrollee. He’s my pick to win the job if King doesn’t stay.


Based on what? He’s playing high school football right now.


Clearly you didnt watch the game this past Thursday.

'cos King’s still King, and Tune’s not in Tune. (No, I kid, but I hear you, and Tune’s got some ways to go.)

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I think Tune is a pretty good young QB (should be a redshirt freshmen) playing behind a makeshift offensive line. I have little doubt he’ll be a quality starting QB in the next year or two.


I had to stop watching at the end of the third quarter, so if something after that happened to negate my perceptions, disregard. That said, my take:

Tune was doing well until his leg acted up. Then he lost mobility and our offensive line issues caught up with us.

We need Smith ready to take snaps on a more regular basis. When Tune loses a step our offense runs short on offensive options and stalls. Smith would be more useful to us in that capacity. Tune’s health is too inconsistent to not developing a Plan B we can use.


Tune is average at best. I’ll take bets.


Your posts are average at best


Have faith don’t worry either way.

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Lol somebody is sensitive. Maybe you’ll remember that the next time you wanna be a message board warrior

You really crossed the line on that one. Grow up.

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Tune will be legit. With one more year as a RS, playing in four more games next year. He’ll be at a level he could be a starter in most programs. He will be the starter here in his junior and senior years.


I’m good with that if you mean for a should have been red shirt freshman !!!

I’m good with a healthy Tune.

I hear what you’re saying but he would have to be ridiculously better than Tune to start as a true freshman. I think if he’s as good or a little better coach still tries to red-shirt him.

Of course. I don’t think that CDH will try to emulate Herman or Apple Boy !!

I get the impression that CDH cares about the UH “Program”. Last coach we had that did was Tony Levine…IMHO. Too bad he couldn’t gathering a coaching staff.


Seriously? The kid is very talented, plays hard and plays hurt. There is nothing average about him.


Rumor was that King was headed to Florida State. But, the seminole nation is not happy with the current head coach and there is no reason to think he will be there long. King is better off here.

Why can’t people take him at his word, he’s not leaving…


Never been a big fan of King’s either, he’s always been hot and cold, we’ve been blessed with the likes of Greg Ward who I really liked. Would like him to stay though but if he chooses elsewhere, won’t lose sleep over it.