I still can’t believe

(Eric Prado) #1

We punted on 4th and 1, 3 point game, 3 minutes left, and our defense hadn’t stopped Memphis all half.

(Eric Prado) #2

A scrub like me, when I play Madden, I wouldn’t punt in that situation.

(Dan) #3

There was nothing else to do at that point but watch Memphis win the game.

(Eric Prado) #4

Our run game was decent today.

(Eric Prado) #5

And then we stay in Zone Defense!? Give me a break. They ran for 30 yards the entire game. Of course they’re gonna throw it. Man up.

(Patrick) #6

Punt was the right call. You have to try and make it difficult for Memphis.

Turned out it didn’t matter as Postma couldn’t take care of the ball late.

Time for King. You have 9 days to get him ready, might as well see what he can do.

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(Eric Prado) #8

Basketball anyone?


We didn’t even try the ole line up and pretend to snap and call a TO at 1 second thing. Just gutless.

(Will) #10

If we has gone for it and got stopped there would be even more criticism.

(Patrick) #11

Also, according to the radio, it was supposed to be a fake punt, but the snap was bad and Roy went ahead and punted it.


That wouldn’t surprise me. I thought it looked kind of funky because one of the up backs looked like he tried to grab the ball out of the air

(Michael McCarthy) #13

King, Allen, Postma; doesn’t matter. Applewhite doesn’t coach to win, he coaches not to lose. Postma didn’t lose the game, applewhite lost it the moment we punted. Our defense couldn’t stop them in the second half, and we willingly gave them the ball back instead of trying to get one measly yard. Who knows what happens if we get it, but we’ll never know. When it came nut cutting time, major tucked his tail between his legs.


I am so upset, I tried to post a new thread, and couldn’t make it work. I feel like I am on the Titanic. I am sinking, and there is nothing that can save me. I agree the season is lost, time to play for next season with a QB change. The sad part is, this coaching staff cannot think outside the box. I hope the AD can. I hope someone at UH will realize they made a huge mistake. I hope the program survives. Before you think that is to radical, look at the state of the team from last year to now. In less than a season.


The team fought hard. This one is on the DC and his choice to run Cover 2 like it was going out of style. How many times did the outside receivers just run up the sidelines, turn around, and then catch the ball? We also need some one to get to the QB on the edge when we rush with only 3. Still enough football left to win some games. Good news, we’ve played the two best passing QB’s in the conference already. lol

(Patrick) #16

But he went for it a few times earlier in the game…that’s not coaching not to lose. At the moment in time, if you don’t make it, you’re giving Memphis the ball at your 40 and they only need 3 to tie. I don’t blame him for the call (which, was a fake punt, but a bad snap changed the plans).

We lost the game because our QB turned the ball over 3 times in the 4th quarter, our defense couldn’t stop Memphis at all, and we had a huge special teams breakdown on the kickoff return. Blame the coaching staff for that.

(Drew) #17

Memphis scored on every possession the second half. They were shredding our defense. On the other hand our offense was driving up and down the field. At that point I figured the best defense was the offense. It was a matter of keeping their offense off the field. Once we punted the ball I knew they were going to score, and sure enough they did. It didn’t matter whether they had 3:45 minutes or 1:15 minutes.

(Michael McCarthy) #18

A fake punt is even worse. If you ultimately are going to try for it, who do you want doing it? Someone who handles the ball every snap who’s 4 yards from the line of scrimmage, and who actively runs or throws every play; or someone who’s 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage who gets to practice a fake 3 times in practice and is used to just kicking it away?


They scored on every possession before the 4th and 1 punt. They did stop them once after Memphis’ last TD

(Patrick) #20

I don’t disagree with you on the calling of the fake punt.

My point is, don’t just focus on one play, we lost the game because of breakdowns all over the place, not just that one play.