I think King will excel in K Briles offense


I went back on YouTube to take took a look at several of the games FAU played this past year and K Briles offense is very much a RUN FIRST offense with the QB as a run threat on a majority of their plays.

I know many have said Kyle Allen was the ideal type QB in this offense because of his size and ability to throw the ball, however when you look at what FAU did in the clips below you’ll see they used their QB as a run threat a lot and he was pretty successful with no extraordinary running skills, similar to past Baylor QBs. FAU didn’t throw the long ball as much as you would think either.

I really think a dual threat QB like King or Smith will be extremely successful in this offense. The offensive line and running backs are the groups that are going to really need to step up!

Check out the clips below that show only the FAU offensive plays thru three games:

(Sam) #2

Looks like UH last season with good blocking

(G.W.) #3

They will all talk about how King has thrived under Briles…guaranteed!

(Monte P Gilliam) #4

You can tell they have limited talent on that side of the ball, but their pace and play calling style is just relentless and wears defenses down. Cannot wait to see this with us.

(gpropes) #5

I think Bryson Smith will be the starting QB this fall. Better arm, comparable running ability.


One thing that has me curious is if CMA gives KB to make the call on the starting QB. Obviously CMA is the “CEO” but this is KB offense (or so we hope). KB I think will pick the QB he feels is best for his system IF CMA doesn’t try to overrule him.

Should be VERY interesting. Watch us all be wrong and Julon Williams be the starter.


Those boys on Cullen better start getting their sprints in now! Once KB starts a drive, he doesn’t like to sub players so the defense can’t sub players. His offense is built to a large degree on being in better shape than the opposing team. I suspect we’ll find out pretty early who wants to be there and who doesn’t once they start conditioning drills.

(Monte P Gilliam) #8

Outstanding point, 2002!


Gassers will need to be plentiful.


I have very fond memories of 2009 when Todd Graham had his Tulsa defenders faking injuries every play in the 4th quarter just to get a little bit of a breather in between plays. I know that was a Sumlin team, but it was the same no huddle, no substitutions concept.


What was great was that DH called them out for doing it and was unapologetic.


Anyone that thinks King doesn’t have a strong arm didn’t pay close attention last year

Kings arm is stronger than Ward’s or Keenum’s was at this point.


I thought that was just me. Pleasantly surprised with how crisp his throws were.

(Ben) #14

Do I remember Memphis doing this same thing this past year ? ? ? ? ?


Maybe a little bit, but nothing like what occurred back in that “Toad” Graham coached Tulsa game.

As I recall, during multiple (4 or 5) consecutive plays, the Tulsa defensive players would wait until after the play was over, and look to the sideline for direction. Then some guy on the Tulsa defense would take his turn and flop down onto the ground and act as if he was suddenly hurt/injured during the previous play. So after the delay while the referee would stop the clock to check on each of the “injured” players, Tulsa would take an extra 30-45 seconds to have their actor walk to the sidelines while they made their substitution. Then remarkably each one of those “injured” players would be able to return on the very next play.

(Charles) #16

I was at that game and we were booing loudly, even causing some distress among a young Tulsa fan seated near us. It was pure BS. Of course our last minute (second) field goal made it all right.


What I remember is a Tulsa player would suddenly drop to the ground rolling in agony, the training staff would run out and talk to him for a moment then he would stand up and jog off the field.


You could well be right. I just recall they obviously weren’t really hurt at all. Pure acting job.

(Patrick) #19

June Jones pulled the same thing with the Ponies.


weren’t they nominated for a Razzy for worst acting by a team in a sports setting?