I Watched The Game and The Best Team Won

(Robert Swearengin) #1

Temple has a very good team and, last night, out played our Coogs.

Look at the enormous foul difference. That happened because our guys could not guard them.Temple was faster off the Ball and was not crushed on the glass as all Cougar opponents have been.

Our huge reliance on shooting 3’s was a death trap waiting to happen. Last night it happened.

We need a much larger inside presence.When opponents worry about that our outside shooters are more open. Our shooting % will go up. Look at how many times last night a Temple guy was in the face of our guy while he attempted a 3.

We need a player at both The High Post and Low Post at almost all times. Cedric Alley is not much of a shooter so play him at The High Post.

Coach knows all this. Nothing new. I predict we will recover and go on another long win streak, and finish undefeated at The Fertitta Center.


If they’re is an area we can improve, what is it from your unbiased opinion @TucsonCoog.

I think Cedric Alley doesn’t give us enough on offense and we can use another shooter off the bench. If we had either, the other wouldn’t really matter. Just mho


Best team that night or best period?


Yes I agree Alley should come off bench, a liability on offense

(David) #5

Now that the streak is over, I am interested to see if Sampson tinkers with the starting line up

(Russel ) #6

All of that and we still had a chance to win at the end…definitely not the worst thing to happen!

(Grant) #7

Even playing far from this team’s best last night, I’m not sure I saw all that much from Temple that screamed they were the better team.

If you have someone occupying the high and low posts simultaneously, does that not take away driving lanes and penetration from the guards? They want to spread the floor.


I thought Houston looked like the better team last night.

(Robert Swearengin) #9

Personally I think Jarreau should start over Alley. And it easy to see that many of our 3 shooters cannot create their own shot. Get on them and they cannot score. We have to make defenses fear our power in the paint. Then our perimeter shots will be wide open shots

(PMM) #10

Well, the HOME team won.

I think you mean that there was a “vast” number of free throws difference. We had 18 fouls, they had 16. A lot of ours were when they we going to the basket, thus the 11 free throw difference.

They hit a high percentage of their many FT’s…

They are a good team, but we will beat them in the FC handily.

(David) #11

Their size on the perimeter was a problem for our guards it seemed. And Armoni had a bad shooting night. And it was their first road game in over a month IIRC. Still ended up a close game despite being one of their weaker performances on the offensive end. It’s not often UH will be beaten on the boards. Better to lose to Temple in Philly then home to Wichita St. As I told a UT fan, it’s not like UH lost to Radford.

(Nick K) #12

i don’t think temple was better, i think they played their best game yet and matched us. take away a bad technical foul call and we win
I do think cks should have changed the starters for the game but I understand why he didn’t. however, if we get off to a better start and make some baskets early, temple never catches up, period. The lid on the bucket to begin the games is a trend that needs to end now. I would build my starters around that…score early, play defense, make transition baskets, bury the competition from the whistle…no more lazy starts.

(Thomas) #13

Tucson…you are more spot on in your analysis of Deeky Jarreau starting over Alley than Phoenix or Tempe.


If we had made our average % in 3 point shots and from the foul line, we win. We missed many open looks and that’s on us. Live by the 3 die by the 3. Foul shooting makes me angry. It’s just a matter of practice and it looks like we don’t get enough of it.

Everyone likes to talk about how we missed the sweet 16 last year because of a prayer of a shot that went in as time expired. People don’t talk about how Devin Davis missed 3 of 4 foul shots leading up to the prayer shot. So, from my point of view, games are lost not because of what the other team does but because of what the good guys don’t do.

(PMM) #15

Actually Davis missed his last 2 foul shots after making his first 10.

We are actually a pretty good FT shooting team this year, right at about 72 %. If we had shot our % in this game, we would have had 1, maybe 2 more points.

You are right about 3 pointers.

Temple shot lights out from the FT line in this game. Not sure if they are that good normally, but out scoring us that much at the line was the difference in this game IMHO.


No they aren’t, 73% on the year.

(John m Bevil) #17

We will beat Temple at home, not for the refs, but we just play better at home.
I would not say Wednesday was our best game, but we came from 15 down
to beat LSU. If this game gets them refocused and they win out, which is possible,
I am good with that. That would be a #2 or #3 seed.
CKS will have them ready to play against WSU.

(PMM) #18

Well, I said 72 %.

They are actually 72.6% as a team for the year including the Temple game !!

That is ABOVE average for college teams.

Therefore and furthermore, if they had shot their season average at the line, they would have had EXACTLY 1 more point !!

Math don’t lie !!


I was talking about temple. Temple is 73% for the year they shot 89% vs us.

(Christopher W Allison) #20

Look at the fundamentals…our guys missed some easy open shots. If 2 or 3 of those would’ve fell, different game. If some of those free throws had gone in…different game. I am still ticked at the way it ended and hopefully the team learns from this. They played hard as they always do each and every game. Each point is very important. The tie tech should NOT have happened, the offensive foul should have been a no call, but shooting less than 40% you can point the finger at many different things. I still don’t know why Alley is a starter or shooting 3’s.