I Watched The Game and The Best Team Won


We barely lost on the road.

(Robert Swearengin) #22

We barely lost. To a very good team.

Could be a few more road losses. Our Conference is really good.

But at Home…An undefeated season.

(PMM) #23

I obviously thought you were talking about UH.

I need to improve my reading comprehension.

Apologize for the overflow of statistics.

(PMM) #24

Yes. And that along with the fact they had 11 more FT attempts was the main difference in the game.

Not uncommon for a road game. Seems to me that UH gets called for a lot of fouls at home also. Guess we are overly aggressive… but I’m OK with that.


This has been the MO for a year and a half now. We foul a lot because we are aggressive and play really hard. Typically we make up for the other team’s advantage at the FT line by winning on the boards, turning them over more, and winning the transition game. Unfortunately for this game, we lost the rebounding battle, gave up 14 second chance points to only 10 of our own, lost the points off turnovers battle and only outscored them by 3 in fast break opportunities. We just didn’t have our typical mojo this game. It happens. Even with all that and the horrendous officiating, we had numerous opportunities to win the game against a solid team on the road for the first time in a long time. That’s encouraging to me. Time to get over it and destroy Wichita State.


I know, that was my point at the start. We were below average in all shooting if we had made one more 3 we win if we had made another foul shot, to reach our avg., we still lose but with that 3 we win by more. Yeah, we got robbed on some calls but I know we got away with a FEW. Temple got away with A LOT. Still, we could’ve won, but let’s not obsess over it unless it becomes a habit.


Live by the three die by the three, lower percentage shot they are not going to fall every game, have to be able to take ball inside when we are struggling from outside

(VancouverCOOG) #28

I would fully agree with this. I think Jarreau should star.t over Alley from now on

(Butch) #29

Alley absolutely hustles his rear off and will one day be a team leader. So he simply has not shown to be a decent shooter…once he settles down and works on his shot I predict he will one day be a team captain.
Let’s talk about it when Hinton, Jarreau and White peak…I think Hinton is getting very close along with Jarreau…but both need to play under control…

(Mark Carter) #30

The guys in the stripe shirts won …