IAAF World Relays (Collins/USA finish 1st, Burke/Barbados finish 2nd in 4x100, Bethel/Bahamas finishes 6th)

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Carl Lewis In Town
Former sprint, long jump great to attend IAAF World Relays

“I don’t think that there’s any day that I get up wishing something else,” said Lewis of the competitions that he got to compete in. But the biggest thing is that it isn’t like that. That isn’t how the world is. I only had the World Championships every four years, so it would have been great to have it every two years, it would have been great to have had World Relays. I would have loved to have those two events, but we didn’t have it.”

#If there’s one discipline in track and field that the fans love to see, it’s the relays, according to Lewis, who ran on some of the top-ranked American relay teams during his tenure.

He is here as individual coach to Leshon Collins, who will run the first leg for the US 4x100m team, and Mario Burke, who will run the 4x100m and 4x200m for Barbados.

Lewis coaches both at his base in Texas, where he is full-time assistant coach at the University of Houston, but regardless of his vested interest, he remains desperate to see the United States return to the top of the pecking order this weekend.

The Cougars had three athletes qualify for the IAAF World Relays in Nassau, where each of their respective countries will compete for a shot at the IAAF World Championships in July. Sophomore Mario Burke, as well as, alum LeShon Collins will each compete in the men’s 4x100-meter relay. Burke will represent Barbados, while Collins will run for the United States, on Saturday.

On Sunday, freshman Brianne Bethel will compete for her native country, the Bahamas, in the women’s 4x100-meter relay. Each of the athletes and their countries will be competing for a trip to the IAAF World Championships where the top-8 teams from each relay will advance to London.






Burke began his day at the relay championships in Nassau, Bahamas, in the preliminary round of the 4x100-meter relay while representing his native country of Barbados. Burke’s squad ran 39.26 in heat 3 to reach the final round. Team USA qualified in 38.22, to allow Collins to join the squad for the final.

With USA in lane four, and Barbados in lane eight for the final, each Cougar led their countries on the opening leg of the final. The Americans crossed the finish line in 38.43 to take the gold, while the Barbadians finished in 39.18 to take the silver.

With their qualifications and finishes, Collins and Burke helped their countries qualify for the IAAF World Championships in August in London, England.

Freshman Brianne Bethel will represent the host country, the Bahamas, in the women’s 4x100-meter relay on Sunday at 7 p.m., Sunday.

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Running as the second leg of the 4x1, Bethel helped the Bahamas run 44.11 in the preliminary round to qualify fifth overall for the finals. The Bahamian team was back on the track in lane one of the final, where the squad of Devine Parker, Bethel, Tayla Carter and Tynia Gaither ran 44.01 to finish sixth.

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