Idea on how to have UH football this year

I was doing some thinking about the Corona Virus and how we can still have UH football in fall. Unlike a possible option as in professional sports, UH cannot make a profit by playing games with no fans because the TV contract is not enough financial support to the program alone. I think a good way to get around this is for UH to limit attendance to UH football games to season ticket holders only. This way you can help in limiting the spread of the virus if it is still around in the fall by having smaller number of fans in attendance. They can also get scanning thermometers and take temps of fans as they take their tickets upon entrance. Some states have opened arenas back up by limiting events to a certain percentage of total compacity. UH can do the same by keeping attendence to season ticket holders and also limiting student attendence to a certain number. I know the NCAA is going to have ultimate power over the playing of football this summer but this could be an approach not only taken by UH but in some variation by the NCAA as well. As for players safety it could be a simple as taking temperature of all players before entering a locker room and testing players for the virus every couple of weeks. Football can still be played if we take smart and intelligent steps for safety of the fans and players.

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I think we have the ‘limited number of fans’ thing worked out.


If they were to use this plan, maybe we would see an increase in season ticket sales.

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All I know is that - if they play, I’ll be there!


That would have to close the club and space people throughout the stadium

Or just allow 15k per game and rotate just among season ticket holders and students to where maybe season ticket holders see 2or 3 games vs all 6. You could watch the others on tv and consider the games you missed, just to help UH social distance and have a safe season.Sort of like the Miami dolphin plan.

I think limiting it to season ticket holders and then having season ticket holders select their seats based on priority points for the season (most people with luxury seating are not going to be able to get luxury seating) might be the best way to accommodate a restriction in capacity. Once a party selects their seats…no other party can select seats within x seats/y rows. Maximum number of seats to a party or restrictions on reselling might have to be implemented.

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I’m hearing 50% capacity. Masks, gloves, enhanced entrance protocols. Limited concessions

Students have to be on campus though.

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Look, I’m the biggest advocate for social distancing and being safe and cautious during this pandemic so all of our elderly & people with pre existing conditions are safe and sound.

But I really hope sports allow for a certain # of fans at each game. TDECU sits 40k, why not allow 15k?

Masks, assigned seating for your group, concessions delivered to your seat, and only allowing one group to enter per time at different entrances across the stadium would be beneficial. Allow doors to open 1 hour before they usually do to give fans ample time to go through security and sanitation check.

Sure 15k isn’t a lot, but 15k fans in the stands will still give it a great feel and allow us to have a home field advantage and satisfy the players and fans.

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What about tailgating?
If so, how many can be in a tailgate group?
If not, what happens if there are tailgaters?

I think there will be football sometime before March Madness. Maybe they limit the # of fans but I think it will be closer to 25k than 15k and everything else is left to the fans to make their own decisions based on the risks they may be taking.

Who knows at this point though. Need to get through the summer without a major spike. Sounds like this virus will be around for a while so the new normal may look like the old normal with a few more restrictions and other habits top of mind.

Everyone here is fixated on the fans. What about the players, coaches, trainers, managers, band, cheerleaders, Cougar Dolls, Mascots, even the Frontiersman.

How do we protect all of them which is our first priority.


It is a planning nightmare.
No seats together, unless family members.
Current season ticket holders may lose their seat locations, being reassigned to another location.
Will masks be required? If they are, many will get in, then take them off. UH may find it tough to fill 12,000 seats. Older alumni, may not think it is worth the risk, and who can blame them. That group is a large percentage of season tickets sold. Until a vaccine is discovered, sports as we know it, are gone. In its place, will be a shell of what we once had. With this virus, large groups will always be a problem.


As a young alumni and one of the only people I know who has season tickets, I would be furious if I lost my seats to be spaced out from others. Especially since I have already paid 2/3 of my cost for my seats i expect to get. I personally don’t think the university is responsible in this scenario, if you attend you absorb the risk.

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We only have a few months with this new virus. While it may appear this way, we will have doubled our experience and research time with this virus before football season is scheduled to start. I think with each new month, we will see more data (infections, anti-bodies, mortality rates, etc.) and be able to draw better conclusions on the longer term impacts of it.

We also have to remember there will be financial impacts from all of this and disposable income for the fans may be an issue – limiting the number of walk up purchases any way.

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With masks required the number should be increased to 20 as social distancing would in common sense be smaller. BTW how would the band handle their seating?

Also we have to play other teams. So it really doesn’t matter what UH fans think, we have to come up with a plan all universities agree. Or ar least the AAC. I don’t envy the task but once they figure out the plan then the fans can figure out how we fit in. At this point i am just hoping we can agree on how to play college football this fall. It wont be normal

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Ok so we play Rice, 2 days after the game a Rice o linemen tests positive for the virus. Then what?

So, what do you recommend? Shut down sports until there is a vaccine? Which may never come?


This probably deserves a different thread, but living out here in Northern Nevada, we just got word that Governor Newsome of California just cancelled campus classes for the Fall Semester at ALL state institutions…Cal, UCLA, SDSU, etc., all out.

Didn’t the NCAA state that they would not sanction football unless students were on campus in school ???

This is not good. For anybody…

College kids can manage online courses. It would be terrible if this is mandated at the grade school level.

I’ll be surprised if the Pac-12 plays this year.

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