If FBI probe indicts the 32 big name teams, will the NCAA do anything?

(G.W.) #1

Right now they have 16 of the current Top 25 team CAUGHT in action of Pay for Play (Including UVA, Michigan State, Ohio State, North Carolina, and other blue bloods).

Why do I get the feeling that somehow the NCAA will say “this is a criminal matter, not an NCAA issue” and let everyone off free…I mean, didn’t SMU already pay a Bif enough price for everyone?


Get them all…FBI! They have cheated to get to where they are. Plase get the teams in the College Football Playoff as well because I believe the Most Cheating starts with them…cough…cough…Alabama…cough…


With the current state of the FBI not following up on tips for school shooters and botching other things, I don’t have much confidence in anything happening.

(Patrick) #4

This may be a case where the government has to step in and do something (beyond the FBI).


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions graduated from the University of Alabama law school. I tend to doubt that he will be too keen to investigate the Crimson Tide’s recruiting transgressions.

The National Cheating At Athletics will never do anything meaningful to punish the cheaters. It’s all part of the rich get richer program that is underwritten by ESPN.


Like when they took over the railroad workers pension fund.