If that isn't us next season


CMA is done here

(PMM) #2

You know the answer to that.


He must make the AAC championship game next year or he is gone.

(Sam) #4

Weak expectations! National championship or fire his arse! lol


Holy cow, fellas! How about we wait and see how we fill our holes at LB and WR.

(Mike Higdon) #6

Maybe you should throw in the Super Bowl as well. Win the Super Bowl or else. Sheesh.:unamused:

(PMM) #7

Don’t all college teams typically lose players every year ?

Why are we different !


This. Defiantly.


Our bench is not deep at WR, ILB, QB, DT. I’m not saying it won’t happen just that this sort of demand is premature until we see who will be replacing our key losses, namely, Adams, Hines, Thurman, Myers, K. Williams, and T. Williams on defense and Bonner, Dunbar, and Leday on offense.

(norb) #10

I was told that the Texas high school coaches love Major. And that we needed the IPF to get those recruits. I’m not seeing results here.

(Ben B) #11

You’re joking right?

(James Duncan) #12

He better produce the 1st overall pick in the 2019 pro draft too or else

(Kyle Caesar) #13

I would say we need to contend for the AAC title. We were a few plays away this year, so I do not believe that is crazy. He needs to show improvement from year 1, and our school must also show the ability to maintain momentum from season to season. Those are not unrealistic goals or requirements.


Thank is for this. One play in each loss except Tulsa and we’d be 12-1 right now. We’re not that car away.

Yes, I was very unsatisfied with the play calling especially early on and in the bowl. But even with that, we were just a play away on 4 of the 5 losses.

(PMM) #15

I think we were just 1 selection away.

That selection happened in Dec 2016.

(norb) #16

And we were one lucky play from losing to USF and being 6-6. Cuts both ways. The record is who we are no more no less. Unless you guys still believe that we are undefeated in moral victories.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

Yeah, if we get ranked in the top 10 but only go 11-1 because we lose on the road by a late field goal to a 6th ranked undefeated Navy, CMA is gone. SMH

(PMM) #18

Hey…it is OK to be a fan of CMA…but you are dreaming if you think he can take us to 11-1.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

CMA was my 4th choice of the candidates. I’m just not silly enough to believe he has to go undefeated, no matter the circumstances, to keep his job.

It’s the usual suspects though. The ones that are still upset that CMA got the job, they actually seem happy when we throw an INT or the defense gives up 2 TDs in one quarter.

(PMM) #20

If it was only 2 TDs, more would be happy :sunglasses:

By the by…there were FOUR candidates !!! Some of them had to mythical.