If we crush Memphis and keep Tom

I think we have a good chance to work our way up to top 12 over the next two weeks. Even though the automatic invite to the NY6 goes to highest ranked G5 champ, there is room for another G5 to get an at large.

First thing is first, we need to beat Memphis 40-10 to show that a healthy UH is a P5 strength UH.

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It would be nice to get a marquee bowl…

It would be great to get a really good bowl; the team deserves that. But, what would really make my day would be for Herman to publicly refuse an offer by the whorns to stay with Houston!

I would celebrate for at least a year!


if Cotton is forced to invite Western Mich, then they will be desperate to get some kind of draw opponent that will generate interest locally…That would be us…But we NEED to hammer Memphis and go 10-2.

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Id rather we play a second tier bowl in Memphis against Tennessee then play Western Michigan. The winner won’t gain any respect for beating the other.

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You realize that would be the Cotton Bowl… Right… NY6 All day baby.

i thought the same about the cotton bowl when I saw the possibility of western michigan vs wisconsin…can you say empty bowl…

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