If we make changes... when?

(Dustin K) #1

Assuming CMA makes changes to his staff, changing personnet or just duties, when do you do it? Obviously the coaching carousel has just started and he could lose some to another program before making any decisions. Is it something you do before the bowl or in January?

(Jay C.) #2

After the new early signing period at least. Don’t want to have to establish new relationships with recruits with such a short time left in the process.

(Chris) #3

In case he chooses to make a decision it is better for everyone to make it now not later. He will be able to have choices now. That won’t the case if he waits until late into December or January. The ones that have been let go will also be able to have choices.

(Tom) #4

This staff lost to a 2-10 Tulsa team, by 28 points, and to a 5-7 team Tulane team. No confidence in this staff as currently constituted going into next season.

(Dustin K) #5

I agree, and if there are no changes I think CMA will lose whatever support he has. However, when do you make the changes?

(PortlandCoog) #6

I just don’t understand the Jekyl and Hyde nature of our team. Hopefully that gets righted.

I do think things improve with King as the bonafide starter going into Spring. Losing to lesser competition twice but then beating the better teams is focus and mental

(Mike Higdon) #7

He won’t lose me and frankly, I’m tired of the “let’s fire people” brigade. You don’t just fire a person, you fire his whole family and before that happens, you should be sure the guy hasn’t learned from mistakes and grown in his position. We have a lot of youth on the team and some young and new coaches trying to mesh. Guys like Guiton, Carrel, and Casey are not that experienced but have another year under their belts and most importantly, another year of the Houston system.

(Eric Prado) #8

People wan to win now. There is no patience amongst a fanbase.

(Dustin K) #9

He doesn’t have to fire anyone, he can reassign duties to see if someone is a better fit. However, when do you decide that the person isn’t learning and growing and cut ties? While there is so much more that goes on in their jobs, the coaching staff is judged based on how the team does in the 12 games. If you wait and then 6 games in to next season the person hasn’t grown and improved, then you may have already lost half the season.

(Mike Higdon) #10

That is something CMA has to decide based on what he is seeing. But it surely isn’t to be decided because the natives are restless. I saw growth in our defense in the latter part of the season and our offense also. We had a ton of attrition due to injury over the season and we couldn’t overcome it because we were already young and inexperienced due to the ton of really good players due to graduation the previous 2 years. You know the ones I’m talking about, they are playing in the NFL right now. Guys like Ward, McCloskey, Farrow, B. Wilson, H. Wilson, Bowser, E. Rob, and on and on are not that easy to find and you may remember, most of those guys weren’t really that good until their junior and sometimes senior years.

Did you notice that every starter on the Auburn OL were seniors? There is a lot to that.

(Eric Prado) #11

Let’s not forget he fired a WR coach after the red and white game. I hope no one thinks CMA is afraid or isn’t thinking about making changes.

(Patrick) #12

I doubt we see a staff change prior to the allowance of a 10th on-field coach come Jan 9th.

You don’t want to start letting guys go and trying to line up coaches only to have them leave you dry for a P5 job.

(Cary) #13

I only advocate for one major change. I think that Johnson should be retained, but a new co-OC should be brought in for primary play-calling duties. Johnson should be a co–OC but focus on quarterbacks development.