If we were to make more shirts, what would you want to see?

(CoogsOfCV3) #1

There are a few shirts out there that used to be in circulation but people have been asking for them to be brought back. Do y’all have any specific requests for shirts to be put up where they can be bought/printed? We can handle them!

(Our site is coogsofcv3.com)

We want to make some to hype up the Football season, we have a few in mind with CDH coming in, but someone saw one of our members in a Ruck Fice shirt and went crazy on where to find it.

Please let us know, Go Coogs!

Update: Took out Commuter U. This was suggested to us by a Rice grad when one of us wore Ruck Fice (this is a favorite)

YWCF might have to stay unfortunately, unless it dies out next season. Then we will bury it.


Commuter U bro? Boooooooo lol


‘Long live the King’ or playing up King in another way would be a good one


Is there really a commuter u shirt? Yikes

(PortlandCoog) #5

I’m sure you know this, but no player/coach likenesses or names, no official UH logos can be used on the shirt.


ah…too bad

(CoogNation_14) #7

Commuter u, really? How about removing that one.


Would these be retro? You know with an old school T-Shirt contest?

(09Frontiersmen) #9

I can’t support Commuter U or Ya Woo Cougar football. Sorry.



(Mike Higdon) #11

How about a Tie Slama Jama?

Or maybe, since we chewed them up starting at 11:00am, Bearcats, Breakfast of Champions.

(CoogsOfCV3) #12

Removed Commuter U, YWCF has to stay. We might have one for King/Dana (a few frats have been doing something like that, we just won’t use the logo)

I’ll work on Tie Slama Jama

Edit 2: Bearcats, breakfast of champions is up

(Glenn) #13

As I recall Rice used to do their variation on that then they played texas years ago .

(Gerald) #14

Why the hate for Ya Woo Cougar Football? You don’t like the back story?




“Make The Coogs Great Again”

(Jason Lee) #18

Coogs are already great. Gross.

(CoogsOfCV3) #19

Do you want that on a hat or a shirt? We have a hat that looks like a MAGA hat (it says Fridays are For The Coogs).

I can do the exact same format for that and put it up there if you want it in that style.

But with CDH and our current NCAA run, yeah no need to say ‘make coogs great again’

Also for Ya Woo: It started out because of parking. Why not keep that? It also got the ‘memey’ students at school to actually show up to a game for once (especially a group of people that we knew weren’t really into sports), which was sweet.


For the CDH era we need a shirt that says “ Got Redbull?” With a picture of CDH

(Jason Lee) #21

Please don’t put that garbage on anything. It’s a political statement. Might sell you a few units, might not