If WWE is any indication

A sporting event without fans isn’t worth watching. I tried watching last night’s smack down and it was bad. It’s hard to make a grand entrance when there is no one to boo you or cheer you. It looked more like a behind the scenes rehearsal than an actual let’s get excited wrestling event. I don’t think the idea of sporting events without fans is going to fly. We’re a bigger part of the experience than I thought. Go Coogs!


Eh…I enjoyed it, and it’s the best that you’re going to get for at least 2-3 months.


Why didn’t they darken the seats?

WWE is scripted with fans in mind, everything plays off them. Its more of a performance which needs the crowd. I have no problem watching basketball with no crowd or crowd noise (insert joke about Southland Conference).

Don’t hate me for saying this, but WWE is not a sport. It’s an entertaining parody of a sport.


Real sports don’t rehearse losing. Real sports don’t rehearse with opponents. When I was in junior high, my cousin had the marketing contract with the coliseum and took me down to watch the rehearsal one day. I haven’t been interested since.


You guys must give the mall Santa Claus hell.


To feed the hysteria and make more people buy up all the freaking toilet paper. :unamused:

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You mean professional wrestling isn’t real? I thought something was amiss when I saw a wrestler do a back flip off a ladder (which was strangely in the ring) on to an opponent and the Ref didn’t call anything. I was like Ref you have got to call that!!!


Watching the UFC last night was weird as well. It was like a sparring session in a gym. They blacked out everything and did not even show the walk ins so there was no highlighting of the zero fans. If it wasn’t in Brazil and every corner was speaking Portuguese it might have been nice to hear what the corners are saying. But it was so much like a sparring session in a gym. Hard to get into.

Hmmmm. Ya think this whole thing may be some kind of hoax by the toilet paper manufacturers? :thinking: :wink:

Dude smells like beef and cheese. He ain’t foolin nobody


That’s because he gets free lunch from the Hickory Farms kiosk!!!

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Yeah, without an audience, pro “wrestling” makes no sense. At the most basic level it’s melodrama which requires an audience. Full disclosure: I hate “pro wrestling”.

Until all the hipsters in stumptown start doing it ironically.

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As a former wrestling fan. I’ll say this, nothing feeds more off the crowd than wrestling. It’s just something that is quite literally built into it. Without fans it’s just a very strange performance.

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My gallery friends are already talking about it.

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Its pantomime sports drama. It’s like comic books for adults, where you go and pick a side, good or bad. You can change your allegiance on a whim or just root against everyone. The fans at wrestling are sophisticated about the internal mechanics. They even bait the writers at times. I love the comedy accentuated by high end athletics.

But I don’t like the idea of wrestling without fans. In reality wrestling is as much about the fans “acting” as it is about the performers.

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Smells like beef and cheese??? You mean Thunderbird, don’t you? :laughing:

I’ve never watched professional wrestling either, but one time comedian Andy Kaufman called it fake on late night TV…unfortunately for him one of the other guests was a professional wrestler and he kicked Kaufman’s a$$. Of course it might have been fake but sure didn’t look like it.

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