Ignore user feature finally available!

It has taken years to get this implemented. But it’s finally here. You can now ignore users completely, and you won’t see their posts, replies, or get messages from them.

The ignore feature should only be used as a last resort. Coogfans has spent 20 years building a reputation as a well moderated and friendly place for all things UH. The community here is awesome and well behaved. Please continue to be civil to each other, try to work things out and flag things as necessary. If none of those work then you can use the ignore feature. Please continue to report obvious trolls, don’t just ignore them.

There are two ways to do it:

1, You can go the the user’s profile (note NOT the pop up one, the full one).

  • or -
  1. You can add users to your ignore list on your profile preferences.

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Sweet. Thanks for the update!

Very nice but I never intend to use the feature. Since this magnificent effort is finally completed, how about a “BS” button. Kind of like the :heart: for a like. Maybe use the :poop:. It is smiling. Maybe the :-1: is better. Just a thought.

Seriously, you guys do great work. It is much appreciated by all. Go Coogs!

Haha… inevitably someone will get their drawers all in a knot if those features were available. Why offer more options for people to get tweaked over? Focus should be on good discussion, not arguing and making people wrong.

You can always add a gif though or your own graphic in a reply.


ive Ignored about 8 posters in my day. Half were later kicked off the site. Most of them would just do nothing but denigrate the city of Houston or UH. These jerks, with absolutely nothing to offer, get ignored.


Finally I can be alone with just my thoughts.


Finally… a Portland-free coogfans


Really Sukie?

Are you talking about Portland, OR or Portland, TX?

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Right? I am so excited about this! (CoogFansAdmin, it’s all good… Sukie yankin’ chains.)


Can anyone tell me who posted above me, replying to Sukie?

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Hey! Now we can have a politics board!

A politics board, with everyone ignoring each other? :thinking::rofl:

Yep, there’s a reason there is no politics board. :sunglasses:

2nd Admin, check your PM.

Why can’t I see this topic?