I'll say it! Our punter is not good


I’m sorry, but the fact that we have a punter that is NOT ABLE to kick a spiral punt, is absolutely RIDICULOUS. And don’t give me this “But he’s is a rugby style punter” crap!

Every rugby style punter I’ve seen, still has the ability to punt conventionally with a step forward spiral, for maximum height and distance, when the team is pinned deep in it’s own territory.

I’m sick of seeing our punter kick low end over end kicks with no hang time for no more than 40 yards when we are back near our own end zone. CAN NO ONE TEACH HIM HOW TO KICK A SPIRAL? He is a freaking division one punter!

I know everyone loves the funny Australian punter, but I’m sorry, he is a liability in the punting game and the fact that neither Herman nor Applewhite made it a priority for him to learn how to kick a spiral, is unbelievable.

I’ll take the field changing BOMBS Richie Leone used to kick over this nonsense, any day!

(Eric Prado) #2

Is this a joke?

This is the first punting complaint I’ve seen all year.

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#65 rated.

(Patrick) #4

Dane Roy is the current punter


Um it’s the end of the season tho.


The #1 punter in the NCAA is averaging 48.4 yds/punt. Roy is avg. 41.6 so the difference is only 6.8 yards. While I agree we could probably do better with a traditional kicking style punter, basically this is a non-issue.

(Eric Prado) #7

What was his average last year?


It’s not only about average yards per punt, it’s about hang time and placement.

Our punter kicks low and out of bounds way too much.

Look at yesterday’s game against Navy. Are you going to tell me he did well?

(PortlandCoog) #9

Jeeze man.


I’m happy that we won yesterday. :slight_smile:

I just don’t understand why our punter can never kick a conventional punt when it’s needed.


Hmmm…the team played pretty well yesterday, but I’m really used to complaining about something. What now?

Oh wait! THE PUNTER.

I agree that he didn’t have his best game yesterday, but it had nothing to do with freaking spirals.


This might be the most ridiculous hot take i’ve heard on this board all season, and that’s saying something.

(J V ) #13

I think he punts the way he is asked to punt. He seems to have a few different styles in his bag. There are issue to complain about, but punting is not one of them.

(Cary) #14

Roy had one bad game. He was money the rest of the season.


Dane Roy has been a terrific punter that excels in placing the ball inside the 10 yard line. against Navy he was the victim of a “roughing the kicker” foul that was not called one of his kicks. That will usually mess with a punters mind.

(Eric Prado) #16

So we chastise players based on one performance?

Are you going to tell me Ed Oliver is overrated if he has one game with no sacks or tackles?

(Jimmy Morris) #17

We are currently ranked 45th in net punting. That would make him slightly above average. I do also recall a few weeks ago that announcers said something about Dane being in the top 25 on punts inside the 20. You want to judge Dane off of those couple of bad punts but you must have forgot about Leone having three straight horrible punts to begin the game against USM for the conference championship.

(Eric Prado) #18

I think the defense would have some postitive things to say about Dane Roy

(hersh levitt) #19

The guy had “rough” game yesterday,but he unfortunately has been our best player this year!!!

(Paul Marlow) #20

Didn’t he get hit on first punt. May have tweaked something.