I'm really realizing how manybgames we won because of Ed


I know he has a future to look out for bit we really need him.

(Ian Blake) #2

Then we should have thought about that before we hired applewhite and his d coordinator. Our own fault.


I am not on the ‘continuity’ bus but imagine how fun our defense would have been with Ed and Orlando.

(Cougarpad) #4

You so realize that Orlando recommended Coach D to Applewhite right? So even if Orlando was the head coach we would of have D’onofrio as the DC.


That is possible but you never know. Maybe Orlando was not happy with losing the HC job and knew what he was sending our way.

(Russel ) #6

I doubt Orlando was vindictive like that


I love how we know everyone’s inner thoughts and motivations on this board. The truth is, 99+% of us have no idea.