I'm sorry but


some of you guys are redic! Fire MA, change coaches, yada, yada, yada. Your expectations were a little too high for a first year coach. Yea, I want to win as much as anyone and don’t always agree with the play calling etc, but you have to realize a whole new staff/system. Not to mention the carousel at QB. Relax, have a beer, and wait till next year.

Oh, and hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


It’s weird to think that with a couple different bounces against Memphis, we’d be playing for a division championship this weekend.


So why bother with a continuity hire? I thought we were planning on running the same offense and defense as last year. That’s why we hired these coordinators

Is expecting to beat a 3 win team too high?

QB carousel? Why do we have one? Can’t evaluate QB talent? Can’t adapt the offense to the QBs’ talents? It’s not because of injuries. It’s because of coaching


They played down to competition with the losses to Tulsa and Tulane. Do I agree with everything MA and staff has done, absolutely not…no one should, but the “Sky is Falling” posts are little much.

Keep in mind that King was hurt and behind the 8 ball going in. Would I of loved to have the whole season? Umm yea, but it didn’t happen. Knowing King IS the guy going into next season is all we can ask for. We’ll be fine, just breathe a little.

(Drew) #5

Couldn’t agree more. Knowing Allen would be the starter MA ran a spread option with a quarterback that couldn’t run instead of going with more of a quick-strike passing offense. I thought for sure we would see tweaks that play to the strength of the QB, perhaps something similar to what he ran at Rice with lots of passing, misdirection, and throws to the TE. Nope, instead he rolled out the same offense from last year allowing defenses tee off and stack the line against the run.


I wish people would stop with the “ we are running a new system “ stuff. It’s the exact same system on offense and defense that we were in last year. The difference is we have new play callers and especially on defense we are way more conservative with our approach.

So the systems aren’t new. Herman ran a new system on both sides of the ball his first year and we all know how much that negatively effected that team

(Mike Higdon) #7

You can’t run the same offense without the same players – same on defense. You can run the same formation and concept; but, the players make a difference. King is a good QB; but he is not as good as Ward was as a junior. Ward as a soph wasn’t as good as he was as a junior. All those draft choices we lost make a difference and we don’t have the guys to replace them yet – at least experience wise.

We miss Ward, McCloskey, B. Wilson, H. Wilson, Malveaux, Bowser, Taylor, etc. Maybe the guys we have now will come up to speed next year, but right now, we do not have the same caliber as the last 2 years and that is not on this staff.


It’s totally on the staff to adjust the plays to match the players we do have. And to adjust in the second half to the plays the opposing team had used effectively.

(Mark Shapiro) #9

We are NOT running the same system on defense. Not even close.

(Dan) #10

But our current DC was hired by CMA to run Orlando’s scheme. This was stated publicly by CMA more than once. I agree it isn’t the same scheme and a change should be made.


Mark D’Onofrio is not looking to make wholesale changes to the University of Houston defense.

making significant changes was non-negotiable when new head coach Major Applewhite sought to fill the most important spot on his staff.

“The main thing from my viewpoint is if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” Applewhite said.

If this defense is different, it’s Applewhite’s fault for not hiring and managing a guy who he thought would run the same defense but didn’t


Yes. Shows how good our players are that we’ve come so close even playing prevent coverage on every play and some of the worst offensive play calling (no pun intended) I have ever witnessed.

And that for me makes this year even more frustrating…


It’s the same system in that both Orlando and DiOnofrio are running the same 3-3-5 base defense while even using the same terminology. It’s different in that Orlando was way more aggressive and blitzed on both run and passing downs way more. DiOnofrio is way more “soft” in his style of play and way less aggressive. My point is that since both alignments are the same there should not be this large transition period to learn this defense.

We are not as good on defense this year because Di’Onofrio is not as good a dc as Orlando mainly because he is not nearly as aggressive. It’s not because he has radically changed our defensive alignment.

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Agree. Problem is that the alignment changes at the snap of the ball. LBs retreat instead of attack as do the safeties and corners.

If TO had been hired as HC and brought in Denofrio as DC,as reported, do any of you believe he would have been allowed to run this type of pansie defense ?

I think not.

CMA is not a head coach.

(Dan) #15

I think CMD has CMA convinced we have to play off the ball in the secondary due to the personnel and I don’t buy that. This is college football. Your secondary is going to give up some big plays. It happens. It happened to our NFL guys on more than one occasion. But playing scared 10 yards off the ball every down doesn’t solve that problem. It just creates new problems.

(PMM) #16

Agree, CMA saw Orlando’s defense first hand and is letting this DC do what he wants.

I would have thought the HC would have a say in this.

CMA is not the answer.


What is sad is that after the momentum we had with Herman, it’s ok to lose to Tulane because someone is a “First year head coach”. Had we not crapped the bed with this hire, things could be a lot brighter around here. The next time someone is hired under the guise of “He will stay here” just be ready for mediocrity because nobody else considered him for their Head Coaching position.


I am sorry but losing to Tulane and Tulsa does more damage than losing to just about any other teams on the schedule.


Dana Dimel got 3 years. So did Jenkins. So did Levine.

Applesauce will have two more seasons to show what he can do.

And remember, this season can still be a success if we beat Navy, win the bowl and finish 8-4. The book is not closed on 2017 yet.


John Jenkins went 10-1 in his first season and finished in the top 10. As soon as Applewhite does that, I will cut him some slack for a bad loss