IMO, it looks like Miles is our next coach

I just don’t think Houston is the place for Kiffin, and I don’t think Orlando or Applewhite get it. I would say people need to get ready for this as the most likely reality. My guess is interviews for remaining candidate Kiffin is tomorrow. Final decision is made, and we start hearing rumors Monday. Tuesday is official presser.

What do you base that feeling on?

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Kiffin is the kind of coach that Herman, Sumlin, & Briles were. Looking for the next gig as soon as he gets here and proves himself. He will not agree to a large buyout, which TF has already indicated is absolute.

The three remaining primary candidates are easily separated by TX recruiting ties, HC experience, and connections. When you compare Miles’ resume and history to Orlando and Applewhite, it is obvious which one meets all the categories. That is fact.

Here is where my opinion comes in… Miles has been there and done that in the coaching world. I believe he is looking for a job where all he has to worry about is winning, nothing else. Recruiting in your backyard, boosters who let you operate how you want as long as you win, and not have to worry about some insane schedule year in and year out, i.e. the schedule is manageable.


My fear is that Les is looking for a place to prove to his detractors that his way of running a team is correct and that LSU was wrong. Unless he completely changes his offensive philosophy, the AAC West, full of video game offenses, would be a really bad place for Les to try and prove the LSU administration wrong.

Miles in the CBSSports article indicated that the number one thing search firms are asking him regards his willingness to change his offensive philosophy. He said he is 100% open to it and has been watching film to determine which offense he likes.

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And Levine said “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” He started changing it the day he got the job. Coaches tend to say what they know people want to hear. Until their name is on the door.

Are you comparing Tony Levine to Les Frickin’ Miles?

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HCL’s biggest problem was very similar to Les in Baton Rouge… Levine gave the OC job to Bush to which had no experience or any business running an Offense. (No QB coach on staff either) Les allowed Cameron to stay on board and not make any changes when they were clearly needed. I honestly feel Les would never do that again! My money is on Dana… Dana is exactly what we need!

Dana signed the extension. McMurphy tweeted it today. New 5-yr deal. He gone… before he ever got here. BTW, he was my first choice for external hire.

Just read the article… SAD!

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I believe the reason most people are not on page with Orlando is because were not aware of his recruiting ability. What is his position on the Houston area recruiting trail? Everyone knows what Les Miles is capable of. It’s almost an unfair advantage to compare the two.

I’m glad some of you aren’t in charge of the search. These coaches haven’t even been interviewed yet. Riley was still coaching when you made this “observation.” haha

Miles, Orlando, and Applewhite have already been interviewed. Riley has not received confirmation of an interview and is not in serious contention. Kiffin is tomorrow as mentioned.

According to Joseph Duarte “interview process has not started.” No statements have been made otherwise. Are you just assuming Miles has been interviewed because he isn’t working?

My read is that Orlando is the frontrunner.

Duarte mentioned Riley as a candidate today, just before the basketball game.

seriously!!! How long has he been coaching? So now he’s “shopping” for offenses he likes!!!

Yeah I posted that on the “4 candidate” thread. Because according to Duarte on Periscope, 5 candidates were scheduled to interview next week that he has confirmed.

I’m sure the official list will come out Sunday after all of the games have been played today and all of the coaches we have interest in have been contacted. There are still 4 games being played currently and there could be wildcards that no one even knows about.

I’m loving the use of Periscope lately to make announcements.

Fertitta wants a sitting HC and has said so…Its going to be Miles or Kiffen…I think Miles wins the race because of staff he likely can bring because of his connections…and willingness to install the Baylor scheme as his offense…He has spoken how impressed with it he is…

Is John Jenkins available? :rolling_eyes:

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