Injury Update

Does anyone know who will be back for the Cinn. game?

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No idea. This staff keeps injury news very close to the vest.

Assuming Tune is OK?

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I think he’ll be OK, he was able to walk off the field with a small limp after the game.

It was a hamstring. You can still walk.
One can actually walk for a couple weeks without a limp and reinjure it immediately when trying to run.


Who’s Tune’s backup?

Did he pull it?

Was it confirmed a sprain or strain? Don’t remember hearing anything that severe. Might have been a cramp. When’s the last time Tune has ran like that?

You rarely cramp while in a full sprint. That had the markings of a typical pulled hammy. I never pulled one until I was 60. It took me close to a year to fully recover. Most young guys need several weeks to be fully healed.


Logan Holgorsen

I’ve cramped in full sprint. Trust me. lol Never pulled a hammy either but from guys I ran with that had it happen, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I hope it isn’t a 4-6 weeks issue. But I do remember coach saying something to the media about letting people know if guys are going to miss extended time. Maybe no one asked in the last presser.

I have had 3 pulled hamstrings and it is frustrating.
The tendency is to rush back because after sitting a week you can feel great. That is what I did. Then sat two weeks and came back and hurt it again after about 2 miles of an easy run. So then I sat out a full month to recover.
It is best to take 3 weeks minimal and not prolong the recovery.

Gee Russell, that’s bad – I’m glad I only have two hamstrings. :rofl:


Lol. Having three pulled would definitely complicate the recovery process.

Three separate tears to the hamstring.
A couple in my mid 20s and another about 6 years ago.

Russell, we all knew what you meant; but I just can’t lay off those floaters over the plate. :wink: