Inside look at UH Football Facilities

Our football facilities have come a long way since before Herman.


seeing this video reminds me how special our ipf is. it’s one of the very few , if not the only one i have seen with the side section for the linemen to practice on.


great video. They show all of our national awards, I had forgotten Case won the Sammy Baugh award.


Our facilities are top of the line. They are up there with any P5 program, even surpassing some. Very impressive when you see them up close and personal.


Is this all in lieu of building a football only building next to the Indoor arena?

The only football building hasn’t been talked about in a while. I believe the last conversation was with CDH and he said that they needed people to give a lot of money.

Although they have the $40M for the football ops building, they wanted to get $20M more to repurpose the Alumni Athletic Building. I assume that extra money will not come until we start winning again then donors will start giving again.

It probably won’t come until the economy opens back up completely. They have to make money to give money; you can’t expect people to give away their seed corn.


Not the best of times to be raising donor based buildings on college campuses. The stock market will drive it but the ecoomy and it foundation needs to return also. The football season being at risk is a huge consideration for the foreseeable future. The world could look very different a year from now from both a good and a bad way. Lots of variability to the future.


Houston is the World Leader in exactly 2 things…Oil and Medical.
Both are in the dumpster right now. Charities are getting creamed right now, and universities will feel the pinch from all sides.
Worst money raising environment ever…

Great video. Thank you for posting.

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