Inside the Numbers: UH at ECU

(Ryan) #1

1st off … Ya Woo Cougar Football to all of you on this game day.

ECU QB Reid Herring has 57 more attempts and 15 more completions than D’Eriq King. But King has 89 more yards and 12 more TDs.

Go Deep Inside The Numbers of UH/ECU:


Interesting that all the defensive pass issues are directly attributed to the DC.

ECU is 73rd against the pass and 45th in yards per play on defense. UH is 15th in passing yards and 6th in yards per play. That’s all bad for ECU.

UH is 127th against the pass so I would expect ECU to hit some plays and get yards. Mostly because the UH pass defense isn’t great, and also because they’ll be behind and throwing a lot.

The only way ECU stays in the game is if UH turns it over and gives up big plays. Complain all you want about blitzing and man coverage, but UH’s biggest issue is tackling. I’d much rather have ECU try and sustain long drives than go one on one and give up a long TD. ECU is a bad team and give them the chance to screw up and they will.


Couple of questions:

  1. Anyone know where the tailgate is located?

  2. Anyone here in NC with 2 tickets I can buy-I want to sit in the Coogs section?

Thx, Rocky